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How to make a sandbox in 10 minutes with 10 dollars

Updated on May 6, 2013

If your toddler or child is like mine, they are obsessed with dirt and sand. My son is three and a half and is quite happy to sit in his sandbox for hours making castles and just playing. I live in an apartment down town and have no yard to my name, yet a small balcony porch where I grow veggies and my son loving calls his “porch playground.” So to give him more to do than pick on my plants I decided to put a little pool on the porch, you know those ones for about 3 dollars at the dollar store. Well this led to over watered plants and it sprung a leak before you knew it. Didn’t expect much more from 3 bucks anyways, but I decided to turn it into something else useful.

You will need:

A small 2 or 3 ring plastic blow up pool

2 to 4 bags of play sand

Instructions are real simple, blow up the pool and fill it up. 2 bags of sand to a 2-ring and 4 for a 3 ring. You might want to pop a hole or two in the bottom to help rain drain out and there you go. Instant beach, oh so cheap. If you have more room them me, have one of each, sand and water.


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    • moonlake profile image

      moonlake 5 years ago from America

      Good idea. Our kids loved their sandbox they would play for hours in it. Later our granddaughters also loved their sandbox. Voted up.