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How to make mom happy: Ways kids can make their mothers happy

Updated on April 2, 2013
There are many ways in which you can make your mom happy without creating a fuss about it.
There are many ways in which you can make your mom happy without creating a fuss about it.

How to make mom happy? There are many ways in which you can make your mother happy. Apart from the usual Mother's Day messages and birthday gifts, there are certain things you can do on a random or a daily basis to make your mom smile. This post strives to be a practical modern day guide for preteens, teenagers and adults to do their bit in keeping mothers happy.

1) Allot a day in the week when you won't do anything that upsets your mom

Allot a particular day in the week where you and your siblings will not to anything that irks or upsets your mom. Put on your best behavior, clean your rooms, don't create a mess anywhere else in the house, go to sleep on time and everything else that will allow your mother to focus on her job.

It would be awesome if you could do this for the entire week. If you can't, allotting specifics days during the week when all of you can be on your best behavior may be a more practical way to keep your mom happy.

2) Take over all the responsibilities of the kitchen on a holiday or weekend

Mothers spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen cooking the delicious meals that seem to magically appear on the dinner table. This involves a lot of hard work including cutting, chopping, prepping, cooking, cleaning and scrubbing.

Make your mother happy at least for one day by taking over all the responsibilities of the kitchen on a holiday or on a weekend. You don't need to be a good cook to do so. Even a mac and cheese meal with sides may suffice on a lazy holiday when the entire family is just lounging around and relaxing.

3) Help your mom with household chores whenever you can

Moms are known to scurry around the house in a bid to keep things clean and presentable. Do her a favor and help her with chores whenever you have some free time.

The slightest of helps in clearing out the dishes, de-cluttering the living room or other such chores will put your mom at ease. Even taking out five minutes from your time to give your mother a helping hand will put her to ease for the rest of the day.

4) Talk to your mom: Initiate conversations to make your mom feel happy

The hectic mix of work, household responsibilities, kids, family and that of a wife can heave down upon your mother like a heavy boulder. She may have no time left to just put her feet up and talk to girlfriends on the phone.

Go to your mother and ask her a simply question like 'So how is life?' Your mom will feel nice knowing that you are concerned about her and she will feel glad that she has someone to talk to.

Give your mom a hug from time to time.
Give your mom a hug from time to time. | Source

5) Give your mother hugs randomly

Make your mom feel loved by walking up to her and giving her a tight hug. Don't let go immediately and hold on to the hug for a few moments. Your mom will feel elated and happy for the entire day.

Every mother deserves a warm hug from her children from time to time. Don't deprive your mom of this basic feeling by distancing yourself from her.

6) Celebrate the special days in your mother's life

Wish your mom on her birthday, celebrate her birthday as if it was the most important day of the year, wish her on Mother's Day and all acknowledge all her special days including wishing her on her engagement and wedding anniversaries.

Mothers crave to be pampered on these special days even though they don't say it out aloud. Do your bit and make your mom happy by celebrating all these special days, all year round.

7) Encourage your dad give your mom gifts

As a child you may not have the money to buy your mom gifts. But that does not mean that you can't encourage your dad into buying her gifts frequently.

Your dad may not know what to give your mom. You can be the mediator by randomly asking your mom what she wants, whether it is a new hair straighter, new heels or a new dress. Convey this to your dad and keep pressurizing him to buy gifts for your mother.

8) Persuade your dad to take your mom out on dates

The romantic spark between your mom and dad may have taken a back seat when other priorities including work, mortgage and your education heave onto their lives. They may no longer be going out on dates like the way they used to before getting married.

Make your mom happy by playing cupid and persuading your dad to take her out on a date. Do it every couple of weeks so that their love lives go through a happy phase of rejuvenation.

9) Make a picture album of your childhood pictures and load it on a digital photo frame

Put together an album of your baby pictures and those of your brother and sisters. Add a few candid family shots and prepare a photo album that will melt your mum's heart. You can also make some cute collages if you want to be more creative.

Load all these pictures on a digital photo frame and leave it either in the living room, on the kitchen bench or on her bedside table. Looking at the cute pictures will bring back happy memories which will make your mother smile.

10) Thank your mother on a random day for being a loving mom

There are many reasons to thank your mom on days other than Mother's Day or her birthday. Pick any random day and time when you see your mom working in the kitchen. Go up to her and say Thank You Mom.

She is likely to ask you why you are thanking her randomly. Reply back and tell her that you are thanking her for being a good mother and that you feel happy to be in her caring arms. Finish your thanks with a warm hug to delight your mom to no end.

11) Hang out with your mom more often

You will make your mother really happy if you spare some time to hang out with her. If this rounds boring or awkward to you, pick situations where you can just sit with her without carrying the baggage of starting conversations.

Easy examples of how you can hang out with your mom are when you both are watching TV or reading magazines while lounging on the couch. Engaging conversations are not necessary and just being around each other is more important.

Girls can make their hanging out sessions more fun by giving their mums a new hairstyle, asking her to do their nails or doing other such girly stuff.

12) Introduce your mom to your best friends

Your mom may never say this to your directly but she will get a lot of pleasure in knowing your friends. Gather your closest friends and bring them over to your house for lunch or dinner. Introduce them to your mom and allow her to have a conversation or two with each of them.

Don't confuse this as making your friends hang out with your mom. An introduction and a quick chat is all it needs to make your mom feel as if she is a part of your life.


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