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How to make your baby smarter

Updated on November 10, 2016

Well we have brought some science and blended it with the old wives tales. To make what we like to refer to as the winning formula for baby brilliance. From womb to the age of 5, it is imperative to parent keeping in mind that everything you do within this time will form the foundation for the rest of your child's life.

How to build intelligence from the womb.

Now, I am sure that you have heard in your life time that the best way to increase the intellect of a baby while it i in the womb, is to play it some classical music regularly. Well, we had some questions like how many times a day?, and what type of classical music? We also wondered if was all that is required in order to give birth to a genius baby?

Well, the results are in and it turns out that while classical music helps to make the wheels of intelligence turn in while your baby s in int he oven so does reading a good book or 10. Old wives tale as well as scientific evidence shows that, an unborn baby when read to at least once daily comes out with an above average ability to speak, read and write faster than the child that was not read to in the womb. Now the key to the success of this theory is not to read the baby nursery rythms, but to read your unborn bundle of joy intellectually stimulating books. So pass on "Mary had a little lamb", and instead read them "Theories on the Universe".

From 6 months to 12 months

When babies come out of the womb, most parents spend those months playing nursery rhythms for the baby, while some others might read them some story books while the rest would just place them in front of the cartoons that seem most entertaining.

Does it matter what you expose your child to even when it seems like they are too young to understand much of what's happening around them? Yes it does. Even though their developing brains cannot articulate what they are being exposed to just yet. They can still understand everything enough for it to eventually become expressed in their mannerisms.

So, how do you ensure that they learn only the best things that would lead them on the pathway to a successful future?

  1. Continue to read to the baby everyday like you did when they were in the womb. The best time of the day to read them would be right before bed, as this is the time where the brain absorbs the most information.
  2. Give them toys that encourage them to build, create, and interact , rather than toys that do not stimulate the imagination.
  3. Less is more when it comes to the television.
  4. Playing outdoors will increase brain activity by over 30%.
  5. It is also important to make sure that they are having a lot of healthy interaction in their lives. The more they interact with others the faster the child will learn to speak, forming sentences and develop the skill of reasoning.

1 Year to 5 Years Old

Now this is where the fun begins, during this time span it is important to stay as consistent as you can with everything that was started early on. When you remain consistent you are simultaneously teaching your child discipline, as well as how to commit.

Around this special time of development whatever skills you will like for your baby to have as a fully developed adult, this is the time in which you can teach them those skills. Expose them to as many skills as you can and don't forget to be consistent. A little everyday is enough to ensure that those skills will be retained forever.

Feeding your infant's mind

Feeding your infants mind is just as important as feeding their bodies, if not more. While pregnant it is important to:

  • Take your daily pre-natal
  • Take additional omega 3's
  • Stay away from mercury
  • Increase iron intake
  • Increase protein intake
  • Stay away from alcohol
  • Eat more fruits and veges

All, of the above stated will increase the baby cognitive functions from the womb. However, when he/she comes out and begins eating solids, here are some foods that will boost their brain power.

  • Organic fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Foods high in Omega 3's
  • Foods high in iron
  • Foods rich in calcium
  • Protip: Split peas (The Old wives tale that works).

Share special ways that you gave your baby the intellectual leg up below....

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