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How to Overcome the Dilemma of a Working Mother

Updated on June 1, 2020
Nandita Banerjee profile image

I am a working mother w go through the conflict. and still wants to change my job. writing is my passion which has turned into my profession


Motherhood is a bliss for a woman. After giving birth to a child, a woman does not remain a woman or lady or lover or wife. She became a MOTHER. Her world revolves around her child. When to feed it or when to make it sleep and all such silly things matter most to her. And by the time she started to manage these things, she realized that her maternity leave ends. Now the dilemma comes with all its branches. On the one hand she has to manage her office, on the other her child is waiting for her. Here we will discuss some ways to break down the dilemma od a working mom.


You are earning for your family

When a working lady becomes a working mom she forgets all about self-dependence. Rather she started thinking that she is disappointing her child. Society imposes the notion that her child deserves all her time. This makes her depress. As a result, she started thinking about her child in working hours. And when she is at home, she thought about her faults at the office. So at first make it clear to yourself that you are doing the job not only for yourself. You are earning for your family. Your child deserves you the most. But your office is paying you for your time. So try to give quality time to each of them. That will also make your child happier.


Divide your responsibility

It is the common nature of a woman to do all the child's work herself. It becomes more hectic for a working woman. After a busy schedule at the office, if you do such hectic things, you will sooner become ill. That will be harmful to your child. So try to share the jobs with your family members. That will not only give you relief but also will build a bond between your child with the family members.


Who will look after your child

If possible try to keep your child with any of the family members. Otherwise when both the parents are working it is quite natural to depend on a nanny or a daycare creche. Try to search for a good nanny or a reputed creche. If your child is all alone with its nanny try to keep your eyes on through CCTV camera. It is rather better to keep your child in a crèche. As your child will get some friends there. But it should be a reputed one. It will be useful for both you and your child. You could concentrate on your duty and your child will grow in a friendly atmosphere.


Be a role model

Always remember that a working mom is no less than a superwoman not to other women but to her kids too. Though there will be some hectic days when you will found it impossible to balance between the two. But also remember that there will be a day when you can make a smooth balance between the two.

Try to find out me-time

Though it is tough enough to try to find out some me-time, try to make some. It will be healthy for your kido too. As it will refresh you. It will bring you closer to your little one.


The Bottom Line

One of the most pathetic dilemma for a mom is whether to rejoin duty or to stay at home. Being a mother it is a pleasure to watch your baby growing. But after a specific time, it will become monotonous doing the same household chores. Moreover, with financial dependency, you will lose your self-confidence. This will affect your child’s upbringing. So be a smart mom and make your baby a smart one.

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