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How to save money on baby diapers

Updated on November 16, 2013

Baby diaper expenses


Being a mother of an adorable 2-year old, I have plenty of fun moments including wiping my little one's ass and keeping it clean. However, my only complaint is that it costs too much. The main expense comes in the form of buying disposable diapers. If you have a baby or young toddler, you know what I am talking about and you are most likely spending a lot of money on diapers too. I researched a lot, browsed through large number of forums and spent a lot of time online to find ways to cut down on baby related expenses. I have listed some tips below that will save money on baby diapers.


Cost per baby diaper

One single good quality diaper may cost around 30 cents if you buy in bulk. Initially, I was using more than 10 diapers a day. So, it cost at least $3 per day just for one day's worth of baby diapers. It adds up and results in costing about $1000 a year just for buying diapers. Finding ways to save money on diapers is very important as it costs so much. I think that spending about 10 cents per diaper on average is reasonable. In this hub, I list some of the things I have done to save money of buying diapers.

Reusable diapers and organic cloth diapers for infants:

Tips to save money on baby diapers

1. Free diapers: One of the best ways to save money on diapers is to first find free diapers. You are most likely to find a pregnancy center in your area. You can find their contact number from any yellow pages. Call them and find out if they offer free diapers or samples of various brands. It is usually easy to sign up and they generally give free diapers weekly. A lot of grocery stores and drug stores like Rite aid, CVS, Walgreens have specials, you can call them or see their weekly ad flyers to see if they have specials, find out who has them this week and go shop there. Do not forget to use coupons.

2. Sign up online: Do not forget to sign up at the pampers website, Huggies website, Babies R Us (Especially for baby brand) and Target to get free diaper samples and coupons. You can also check the diaper company's websites for new promotions. Then the coupons simply come to you. I have saved lots of money simply by signing up for them.

3. Use coupons for diapers: Save money on diapers by clipping coupons. Subscribe to the sunday newspaper and watch out for coupons. Also, let your friends know that you would be happy to take their unused diaper coupons. Look in your local newspaper, look in your flyers you get in the mail. Diaper coupons are everywhere, just clip them and keep it in your car. is a great place to find some valuable free coupons.

4. Buy diapers online: You can also buy many brands of baby diapers, and if they offer free shipping, this can be an affordable option. has offered special promotions on various diaper brands, as well as retailers like or is a great online retailer to buy cheap brand name and other inexpensive diapers from.

5. Cheap diapers: If your child is at school for most of the day, then it adds to a lots of diapers per week. Instead of using the expensive brand diaper, you can use cheap brand like Target brand. It will save you lots of money. Use the cheap ones for day time and good ones for nighttime.

6. Use cloth diapers: Using cloth diapers is environmental friendly and at the same time will save you a lot of money. They are washable and so are reusable, but requires some work from you. I will write a separate hub on comparing the benefits and inconveniences of using cloth diapers versus disposable diapers.

7. Buy in bulk: For great savings and convenience, buy diapers in bulk at wholesale stores. You can get Huggies diapers at Costco or Sams club in bulk for good prices. You will also save money on gas by making lesser trips.

Some of my baby health tips

  • For diaper rash, use the diaper rash ointment like A&D or Huggies brand. Instead of diaper rash ointment you can also try olive oil.
  • Use good quality diapers like Huggies or Pampers at night as they retain more and do not leak easily. Cheaper diapers (which comes to about 10 cents each) from Target or local brands could be used during day time when you will be changing more frequently.



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