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How to save money on baby diapers

Updated on November 16, 2013

Baby diaper expenses


Being a mother of an adorable 2-year old, I have plenty of fun moments including wiping my little one's ass and keeping it clean. However, my only complaint is that it costs too much. The main expense comes in the form of buying disposable diapers. If you have a baby or young toddler, you know what I am talking about and you are most likely spending a lot of money on diapers too. I researched a lot, browsed through large number of forums and spent a lot of time online to find ways to cut down on baby related expenses. I have listed some tips below that will save money on baby diapers.


Cost per baby diaper

One single good quality diaper may cost around 30 cents if you buy in bulk. Initially, I was using more than 10 diapers a day. So, it cost at least $3 per day just for one day's worth of baby diapers. It adds up and results in costing about $1000 a year just for buying diapers. Finding ways to save money on diapers is very important as it costs so much. I think that spending about 10 cents per diaper on average is reasonable. In this hub, I list some of the things I have done to save money of buying diapers.

Reusable diapers and organic cloth diapers for infants:

Tips to save money on baby diapers

1. Free diapers: One of the best ways to save money on diapers is to first find free diapers. You are most likely to find a pregnancy center in your area. You can find their contact number from any yellow pages. Call them and find out if they offer free diapers or samples of various brands. It is usually easy to sign up and they generally give free diapers weekly. A lot of grocery stores and drug stores like Rite aid, CVS, Walgreens have specials, you can call them or see their weekly ad flyers to see if they have specials, find out who has them this week and go shop there. Do not forget to use coupons.

2. Sign up online: Do not forget to sign up at the pampers website, Huggies website, Babies R Us (Especially for baby brand) and Target to get free diaper samples and coupons. You can also check the diaper company's websites for new promotions. Then the coupons simply come to you. I have saved lots of money simply by signing up for them.

3. Use coupons for diapers: Save money on diapers by clipping coupons. Subscribe to the sunday newspaper and watch out for coupons. Also, let your friends know that you would be happy to take their unused diaper coupons. Look in your local newspaper, look in your flyers you get in the mail. Diaper coupons are everywhere, just clip them and keep it in your car. is a great place to find some valuable free coupons.

4. Buy diapers online: You can also buy many brands of baby diapers, and if they offer free shipping, this can be an affordable option. has offered special promotions on various diaper brands, as well as retailers like or is a great online retailer to buy cheap brand name and other inexpensive diapers from.

5. Cheap diapers: If your child is at school for most of the day, then it adds to a lots of diapers per week. Instead of using the expensive brand diaper, you can use cheap brand like Target brand. It will save you lots of money. Use the cheap ones for day time and good ones for nighttime.

6. Use cloth diapers: Using cloth diapers is environmental friendly and at the same time will save you a lot of money. They are washable and so are reusable, but requires some work from you. I will write a separate hub on comparing the benefits and inconveniences of using cloth diapers versus disposable diapers.

7. Buy in bulk: For great savings and convenience, buy diapers in bulk at wholesale stores. You can get Huggies diapers at Costco or Sams club in bulk for good prices. You will also save money on gas by making lesser trips.

Some of my baby health tips

  • For diaper rash, use the diaper rash ointment like A&D or Huggies brand. Instead of diaper rash ointment you can also try olive oil.
  • Use good quality diapers like Huggies or Pampers at night as they retain more and do not leak easily. Cheaper diapers (which comes to about 10 cents each) from Target or local brands could be used during day time when you will be changing more frequently.



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    • Anita Delp profile image

      Anita Delp 3 years ago from North East, Maryland

      Thanks for the tips. I shared on my Facebook business page!

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    • profile image

      kamal 6 years ago

      valuable tips...... i m going to follow them

    • profile image

      sally 6 years ago

      thank you for all the ideas to save on diapers.


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    • profile image

      amy 6 years ago

      I agree with comment! Free shipping on anything over $100 and a flat fee of $9.99 for anything less. The customer service was AMAZING, I emailed the owner asking for recommendations and I got a response within 2 hours! Her suggestions were awesome and the prices were betters than Sam's club or Costco!

    • chicnewmom profile image

      chicnewmom 6 years ago from Irvine, CA

      Hi.. I just wrote up on the benefits of making cloth diapers. This include saving money. You can see it at my blog at You can also see baby bath reviews at Thank you.

    • profile image

      Rachel 6 years ago

      Being able to try diapers free is a good option, then you can find out if they 'work' for you and baby. And when buying diapers online, look for free shipping and free returns.

    • profile image

      easydiapers 7 years ago

      Check out

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    • profile image

      DELawson 7 years ago

      Thank you for the very thorough and detailed suggestions.

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      Additionally, we get cash back from our routine and large purchases using cash back websites. When we purchased a bed for our toddler from Land of Nod via a link from Big Crumbs, we received a rebate of $86.58.

    • profile image

      ginny 7 years ago is having a sale on all of their bamboo diapers and wetbags. They are offering free shipping, and a free wetbag with the purchase of 5 diapers. I just ordered some more because I love these diapers!

    • profile image

      Kathy 7 years ago

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    • profile image

      Renie 7 years ago

      I have a couple pieces of advice to add for you guys. Don't be afraid to try other brands because your friends have had problems. Every baby is different and they work differently for everyone. I personally use Luvs most of the time, they are inexpensive and fit my little guy very well.

      Don't hesitate to call the manufacturer of the diapers if you have as few as 2 diapers in a pack that are defective (tabs come off, small tears). They will almost always send you a coupon for a free pack of whatever size and quantity you bought to replace the 2 damaged ones. Pampers does this almost without question and Luvs will send you several coupons for $5 off jumbo packs and $10 off boxes. Here in Minneapolis that make it $8 for a box of 84 size 4 diapers. Don't be afraid to say something if their product isn't perfect. They all have guarantees right on the box with an 800 number for a reason.

      Get to know ladies with children older and younger than yours. Often times we all get a partial box we can't use fully because your little one has grown or you were given several packs at your shower and they won't fit. Pass them along. I have a gal pal with a 30 mo old, my guy is 2 and a pal with an 18mo old. When my son out grows a size I give the rest to her and my other pal does for me.

      Swap coupons. Most people are loyal to one brand and it's usually not the same as the rest of your friends. Put up a listing on Craigslist or a local like letting people know you have coupons for brands you don't use and are looking for the brand you do use.

      Ebay. Look for auctions for gift certificates and coupons. There are a ton of listings for a free jumbo pack of Pampers. That's $10. If you spend 4 or $5, you just saved 5 or 6 bucks. Don't buy from ones that charge a ton for shipping. An envelope is fifty cents at most. Keep your eyes peeled for the good deals, they come up a LOT.

      If you have twins or more, tell EVERY brand of diapers that you have multiples. A lot of them will send you free ones or coupons for great deals.

      When you have the baby, take home all the diapers they have in your little carriage every day. Clean 'em out. You are getting charged for them (in your nursery fee) whether you use them or not. Might as well get the most for your dollar. If you feel awkward, tell a different nurse every time that you are out and need some more. They won't even ask, they will just get another stack for you. Keep an extra bag to stash them in if you're having a c-section, you'll be there a few days. Or send them home with the other half at hte end of the day. I got 9 jumbo packs of newborns in the 5 days i was there. Hey, they charged me $500 a day for a nursery I didn't use once.

    • profile image

      Nick 7 years ago

      I found this code: TAKE10% This just saved me some serious money at! I don't think it expires ...

    • profile image

      fsslvtst 7 years ago

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    • profile image

      Allan Martin 7 years ago

      Very nice blog. Keep it Up!!

    • CuzzoShizzo profile image

      CuzzoShizzo 8 years ago from USA

      Thanks for the tip about going to the pregnancy center for free diapers. There are a lot of people who can use these tips to afford the high prices of baby diapers.

    • BabyGearGalore profile image

      BabyGearGalore 8 years ago from Phoenix, AZ

      Great tips. Thanks. I use the referral program to get FREE diapers. Check out my page explaining how:

    • profile image

      leeh 8 years ago

      im on my 8 months now, due any day this november. i love ur tips here, unfortunately, im living here in the phils. Yet the brands u mentioned can also be bought, just minus the coupons, freebies, etc. Whenever there are markets on sale, i would probably get my chance to buy diapers at cheaper prices. Anyway, your idea of when to use cheap and expensive diapers including clothe diapers will really help a lot. Im also looking for a diaper rash ointment, ill try your suggestion if i can find the brand you mentioned here. Thanks a lot! Ur hub was really helpful.ü

    • Et al... profile image

      Et al... 8 years ago

      Thanks for the tips. I buy in Bulk at Sams because they have Pampers. I love Sams now that I have a baby.

    • MarieGal profile image

      MarieGal 8 years ago from San Diego

      Great tips there, that I'll be sure to use. I tried cloth diapers for a while but they were just so inconvenient.

    • profile image

      comfort agundu 9 years ago

      hei wonderful mum.honestly i have to thank you for this information because im a first time mum and really confused on how to buy for my baby who will be coming any time from now.but with your advice i think i have learned a lot.but pls say something about the reusable diapers.i think i can manage both and will save me cost .thanks very much

    • shawna.wilson profile image

      shawna.wilson 9 years ago from Arizona

      Hi Blessedmom-thanks for the helpful diaper tips. One thing I can add is to sign up for the Pampers Gifts to Grow program. Each pack of Pampers diapers and wipes has a code on it that can be entered online. Codes are worth points, and points can be redeemed for rewards, such as toys, games, books, and more. This hub has more information:

      Can't wait to read more of your hubs!