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How to Speed up Reading Skills Some Tips

Updated on October 22, 2019
Pauline Stone profile image

I am Pauline Stone and wanted to share some tips how to speed up the reading skills.

How to speed up reading skills

If you are child, student or adult everyone requires fast reading skills. As per Darwin’s law “Survival for the fittest” in this everchanging world where everyone is facing tough competition it has become very important to show yourself more than what another person has, whether it comes to reading skills.

Right from the stage when child starts reading, from there reading skills plays an important role and if we are able to identify or conquer those right skills then we can achieve the desired results.

Whether we are student or working in an office everywhere reading is involved in some form or other and if we master this then we can save a lot of our time and energy.

And in this fast-moving world, time plays an important role, the more time we are able to save then more life we will live.

On an average we can read 250 words in a minute and if we acquire the right techniques, we can achieve 500-1000 words in a minute, which is not at all impossible. Just requires presence of mind and awareness about those techniques.

What I strongly believe is that it’s all the game of concentration. And we have to just introspect which all factors are involved which can boost our concentration.

Foremost it is our environment. It plays a very important role in our reading speed. If we read in a calm environment, then we can concentrate more and cover more contents.

But if are at very noisy place then we can hardly concentrate.

Another thing, one should keep the mind calm, that can only be achieved by some yoga, meditation and controlling the mind. If your mind is away from all distractions, tensions and worries then can focus more. Try to include some yoga or exercise in your daily routine. This way your body and mind will sync up and follow your instructions rather than driving your mind.

Also, the best way to boost up your concentration, is to try to read right in morning in a calm place with full concentration. And whatever you read try to do it with full interest. It is always not possible to read interesting stuff. We have to read different type of things based on our day to day needs. But we have to start inducing our interest in that to make it interesting. Once our brain finds it interesting then definitely it will help in reading fast.

Also, whatever you read try to track the time taken to complete that and try to do it more frequently this way you compete with yourself and day by day your speed will improve.

We have all techniques and tools within ourselves it is just we need to take those out and start using. This all requires our strong determination to learn something which can help in making our life much better.

Imagine if we start reading very fast then we can cover more information which is around us, which will further help us in our studies or work.

Hope you have found these tips useful. If you are keen to know more about this then I highly recommend you to go to my site below, it will surely help you finding the right solutions.

Pauline Stone


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