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How to transition baby from bottle to sippy

Updated on April 20, 2012

Weaning off the bottle

My daughter just turned 15 months. I'm working towards weaning her off the bottle. A friend recommended the ZoLi BOT Sippy Cup. It has a straw instead of the traditional spout with holes (my daughter didn't/dosen't love those). The best part is that there is no valve so it was easy for her to learn how to use the straw. We have a similar sippy /straw combo with a valve but she has not been able to master that one as it is too difficult to get the liquid up from the straw (even for me). This one is great and she got it after about 2-3 tries.

It definitely takes her a while to drink 6 ounzes of milk compared to the bottle but she is already much faster at it this week than last. So far I've only replaced one milk feeding with the sippy. If she continues to do well this week then I will replace another bottle with sippy next week etc.. until she is bottle free.

One one thing about this sippy is there is some spillage when I let her run free with it but that is due to the lack of valve. As she gets better and faster at driking from the straw I will try to move her to the one with the valve (Thinkbaby Thinkster Straw Bottle) which does not spill at all!


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