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How today was different!

Updated on July 7, 2015

Smile away your greatest woes!

Wake up in the morning, and perhaps what most of us think is how difficult the day is bound to be. It has been ages since I remember waking up, with a tune in my head, and hopping out of bed, heedless of what the day had to offer me!

Like me, most of you will agree that our lives have gotten monotonous and rather stereotypical. We moan and groan more than we smile or laugh our heads off!

How today was different

This morning like any other day, started with waking up to the alarm go off. After making a mug of milk for my four year old, I got to the task of ironing his uniform and laying out his breakfast, while the milk cooled, before I could wake him up.

Once I was through with my chores, I walked up to his bed and gently patted him. Plop, he was up in a minute with a wide smile on his face and before I knew I was enveloped in a huge hug. Humming his favorite song, he sipped his milk, enjoying each drop!

Parents will swear by how difficult parenting is, what a responsible task it is, while also being a very rewarding one. Books can be written on how to bring up a child!

Today, I did not rush back to the kitchen or hurry to run a bath for him. I instead stood and watched as he slurped up his milk, oblivious to the world around him. Little did he care about what the day had in store for him. That few minutes it was just him and his frothy glass of milk! As he relished each sip he took, I just stood by and watched!

A typical day in my son's life

A typical day in my son Daiwik's life is Wake up- Go to school- Come back- Have his grub- Rest less- Play more- Snack a bit- Talk incessantly- Play pranks on others- Colour a bit- Nag us a lot- Play endlessly- Hum and dance when happy- and Drop to Bed!

This is perhaps just about every 4 year old's life. But my boy also has to deal with an over-demanding mother, who thinks he should excel in everything and chauffeurs him up and down to a dozen classes varying from music, dance, swimming and mini-tennis. Does he cuss? Hardly! He instead tells me to calm down when the steam starts building up!

No ordinary boy, he is!

A boy who does not have 3 fingers on his right hand and an under-developed right palm, has never seen anything as a challenge. This little bundle of joy outshines himself each day, learning how to use his left hand and right, to do things the best way he can. From being the teacher's pet to being part of dance shows, he enjoys being in the limelight! He enjoys the company of kids, and does not sulk at the mention of his impediment. To him, his handicap is barely worthy of worry!

We often overlook a lot that children can teach us. While, yes I do need to teach and nurture and make sure my boy grows the right way, there is so much I need to learn from him. Perseverance, curiosity, excitement, faith and trust, topping the list!

My son, has made me a better person ~ More Responsible, More Caring and More Loving! But, as I watched him through the course of the day, I realized how much of our everydays, we lose! We worry, we squib, we get through one task to another, and we get past the day. But, do we enjoy it!

Motto of a 4 year old

To my Lil tyke ~ He lives his TODAY, like there is no TOMORROW- TO THE FULLEST! Be it his meal, his colouring, or just exploring, he enjoys what he does. He has his share of challenges, but he takes it on like any adult would!

The sunrise leaves him stunned and mesmerised, he wants to bring home the cows on a rainy day, plant seeds of the fruits he ate, 'cus his teacher told him so, and share every biscuit he eats with his dog!

He loves, he cares and he shares. Each day I learn something new from my 4 year old and today, I learnt to live today for today! To smile at someone passing by, and make his day. To give an impromptu hug and show people you love, that you care, and above all to smile, and be glad for what I have!

I have been touched by an angel! And my angel is my son! Thanks baby for making me ~ Complete!

See life, through the eyes of your child. Stop worrying over your pension fund or how you will pay your EMI s and mortgage around the clock! Enjoy licking that ice cream stick, kick off your shoes and jump into that sand pit, or simply put aside your laptop and give your boy or girl a surprise hug and see her beam back at you. Trust me it will change the way you see life, just like it did to me!

Do we know this? Hell, yes! But how many of us, don't let our toneless lives get to us? Live like you have no tomorrow!

Do you make time for your child?

How often do you set aside your work to simply dirty your hands with your kid?

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