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How to bathe a baby

Updated on March 21, 2014

Build a Bond!!

A time to have a bond with your baby!

Bathing time for a baby is a time for building bond between a mother and a child

Before you give a bath to a baby check that outside air is kept at par ,else the delicate baby may get cold ,secondly massage the baby before giving a bath ,especially the stomach in clockwise direction it expels the gas out of the baby's stomach .Keep some gap between the massage and the bath ,in the mean time when the baby is resting ,arrange all that is needed to give a bath a tub full of lukewarm water (Test the water for its warmth before giving a bath),,a pair of soft towel (one to wipe the child and the other to wrap the child after the bath) a mild soap for babies a mild cream ;like baby Johnson or anything similar product.

The next step is to place the baby in the tub with one arm under the head and shoulders and using the second had to give a bath to a baby,softly apply soap and then pour water rub with gentle hands ,gradually clean the entire body then with your gentle hands wash the face there is no need to apply soap on the face just wash the eyes nose and ears with a cotton ball dipped and squeezed and then clean gently and then with your wet hands clean the entire face .Pat dry with a dry towel then with the second dry towel wrap the baby ,next ,dress the baby with soft cotton clothes and put a nappy ,soon after the bath give gripe water.and then it may follow with mother's breast feed or a bottle feed and let the baby take a hearty nap. Before giving the bath always clean the tongue and gums of the baby with honey or glycerin with soft muslin cloth wrapped on your finger and moving it into the mouth of your baby precautions should be take that you do not hurt the child so the best way is to keep your nails short until you are a nursing mother.

I loved giving baths to my children and during which I use to have hearty chat with them and they giggled or smiled which seemed a treasure to me

note :--never pick the child from arms ,it may dislocate the limb ,so just see that when you pick the child up put your hands inside and outside the armpit of both the shoulders to give a good grip while picking the child for bath or any other time too.

As far as possible avoid the use of talcum powder as it clogs the pores of the body.


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