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Huyoo Huyoo MaLeRaYa

Updated on February 20, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.


Cyclone Lilli - Photo By - K.R.Deepak

Where were these C y c l o n e s.?

Those were the days we never knew about Cyclones or Hurricanes.We were only aware of the Head Master's Cane in our school.Soon after Summer our schools would reopen and before that few showers would come.Then there would be no rains.Our city and the rural population would meet often to discuss about rain fall and the reral folks who looked after our fore fathers agricultural land would plead that the rains were insufficiant and they may not be able to supply the agreed quantity of rice from the fields.This was a never ending excuse for hiding the real crop.

Our parents were also never bothered to visit these agricultural lands even once a year.They trusted the farmers and that was the end of any further discussions.After the declaration of Independence and agricultural reforms,no son of a soil could hold lands as he did and it was a quota for a farmer.The land belonged to the man who cultivated it.

Large Land Lords were a dwindling number soon.Even the entire village was under different system of governance as dictated by the Prime Minister Jawarlal Nehru.He was a monarch till his death and the country also had its share of death due to political panchayits in every spear of country's constant problem of power mongering congress leaders.

No single party was capable of a leader and the leader in power took the advantage of grabing the power by his own policy's and politics.

We as children would never bother about Typhoons,Cyclones or Hurricanes.The day it rained was our JOY to get wet in the rain and sing the rain song dancing all the way in the streets which was our second play ground.We were around 9 boys only and this was a pure boys play,no girls were allowed.The song was in Kannada and it went like this:-

1 ) Hu Yo  Hu Yo Ma Le Ra Ya,Huvina thotake Nirila,  ( Sing Twice )

Meaning - Pour Pour Rain there is no water for our Flower Plants

2 ) Hu Yo Hu Yo Ma Le Ra Ya, Balata Thotake Nirila ( Sing Once )

Meaning - Pour Pour Rain there is no water for our Banana Plant.

3 ) Ba Ro Ba Ro Ma Le Ra Ya Bavi Ya O LA Ge Ni Ri La. ( Sing Twice )

Meaning - Come Come Rain Our Well has no water.

Keep Singing till our mother sees us or hears about our dance there ends the dance.


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