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I could not go to sleep, I could not close my eyes, my thoughts were restless!

Updated on January 12, 2016

Heavenly sleep.


May your Angels surround and be in your presence even in your sleep.

I could not go to sleep.
I could not close my eyes.
My mind was restless, my thoughts could not be silent.‎

Only to fall asleep, wake up and feel my reality
is becoming a nightmare.
There is no escaping self.
Make peace with your choices.
May grace and gratitude follow you all your days
on this beautiful earth.

Yet the forest of mother nature is filled with thorns
embrace obstacles, by conquering fear, with time.
Practice, harnesses skill, making you the master of
of your path.
Failure is a test of character, rise above obstacles.

‎When you are thirsty, hungry, nourish your hunger.
Work as hard as you pray. surely, blessings will
stem from the fruits of your efforts and harvest.‎‎Hesitate when not sure, take a deep breath and find strength from the essence of your exsistance your destiny‎.

Cherish your strengths.

Dilute your weaknesses.

Be a friend to self.

Find out what thoughts dwell in your mind, experiences and lessons which shape the man perhaps woman which you embody.

‎Be still child, for you are great.

‎‎The mountains and trees do not have names, yet‎ when the winds call and the seasons approach the geographical landscape moulds it's vegetation shedding leaves, in the mists of autumn and winter.
In the summer the rains are welcomed, once again
there is plenty for all to eat.‎

The good times are fruits of kindness shown by circumstances, be merry and joyful.
Yet in hard times there many lessons to be learnt
be vigilant.

Calculate, doubt, pray, be confident in your skills, eliminate your short fallings they will erode your confidence with time.

What is your life worth?
What is your purpose?

Life can become overwhelming when situations‎ gets sticky, when you put too much trust in your
loved ones, and you are double crossed.

‎Stay thugged out, Keep it moving, a lesson I posses like jewels Master Tupac "Amaru" Shakur.

Live, learn, laugh, play, dine, worship, rejoice stay stimulated and be cosy.

God's Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala


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