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Important Precautions Needed When We Grow Up Our Children

Updated on May 5, 2011

When we grow up our children there are many  precautionary measures to follow as our children need a special care until they attain a certain age. We all wish our babies should be free from any health problems and risks. The young children under the age of 5 years are innocent about hazardous things like chemicals, fire, and other electrical appliances. Those things should be kept away from the reach of the children. The children are needing proper guidance until they are able to make correct decisions. Their innocence is the main reason for getting into some serious problems. They are also needing proper and correct quantity of feeding to avoid many health problems.

Semi-solid Chocolates and Biscuits are more preferable than Solid Chocolates

Solid chocolates which won't easily dissolve in the mouth are compulsorily avoided to the children under the age of 2 years as they may try to swallow it and get into the fatal risk. Actually they need only Semi-solid chocolates and wrapped biscuits that will be easily dissolved in the mouth and won't make any serious problem.

The children under the age of 2 years are able to express their thirst only by crying. We have to quickly understand their need of drinking water and always keep the water bottle as they can easily access them. Sometimes missing of watering, particularly in summer days may lead to serious health problems.

Some thing about Paediatric Treatments

Self Medication is always dangerous to every body and it is still dangerous to our babies. But it will be nice to know some thing about paediatric treatments. Usually infants need antbiotics, anticold and multivitamin in the form of drops. The young children ageing1 year to 3 years can be given 2.5 ml of relevant strength of anti-boitic dry syrup or anti cold syrup as a single dose. As a first aid children can be given electrolyte solution to get rid of tireness and weakness by the excess dehydration due to diarrhea and vomiting. Children, between 1 year to 2 years, suffering from severe worm problems need 5 ml of Albendazole suspension in 200 mg strength and the children above 2 years need 10 ml of Albendazole suspension as a single dose. They should be always given relevant strength of anti-biotcs. We need physician's guidance and advice to give superior anti-biotics when our children are suffering from severe cold and cough.

We should be very careful in Baby feeding

Both young and adult children need special care when they are given food. Some flavored liquid food, improperly prepared, may not suit the digestive system of our children. We should find it necessary to learn about baby feeding formula when we grow up our children. We have to avoid those things which may give digestive problems to our children. We have to know the correct daily food requirement of our babies. When we cross the limit of food amount, digestive problems may arise and the health of our babies would be seriously affected. Non-veg food items should be carefully selected which suit our baby health. When we feed the excess amount of non-vegetarian food, it may cause severe diarrhea and vomiting. Frequent chocolates should be avoided to keep the health of our growing kids.

Need of Precautions to avoid accidents

When we are handling our babies in balconies and staircases, we have to be very careful to avoid accidents as they easily tend to fall down. The crawling babies are to be carefully watched out as they are not to get at the edge of the staircases. Water filled small tanks and tubs should be always away from the reach of the crawling children as they are fond of playing with water.

Electrical power points should be carefully insulated. And the appliances like Iron box, Heater and Table Fans should be used where our children can not easily reach there. The things like Scissors, Hammers, Blades and Knifes should be kept in an elevated place where our children can not easily access.

Some medicines are so pwerful to close the life of our children when they are mishandled. Medicines in any form should be kept away from the reach of our children. Particularly the medicines for the external use like Tincture, Spirit, H2O2, Ointments, Dusting Powder should be kept out of reach of children.

When we are traveling they need special care to avoid injuries by the shaking of vehicles. The children should be never allowed to wander along the nearby streets of home as they are very innocent about traffic.

Our Children may be allergic to some Cosmetics and Perfumes

The Children below 2 years of age are may be allergic of Cosmetics and Perfumes. When we use them we have to assure about the sensitivity of children towards such things. Whenever we suspect about the use of perfumes which may do harm to our children we have to immediately stop the use of such things. The smell of perfumes may cause severe head ache and sleedplessness to the children.

To read more about parenting and child health, please click on the following link.


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