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Ice Pops and iPods Don't Mix

Updated on July 11, 2011

Alternate Title: 6 Year Olds Not Responsible For Items Over $100

My middle child, my only daughter, is turning six this month. My six year old aspires to be a rock star, a model and a mom. One minute she is rocking her Bitty Baby, and the next she's rocking the Barbie microphone that connects to the iPod. My iPod. Well, it was mine, until the time I found her listening to my Beastie Boys and Foo Fighters. She asked if I could add a few of "her" songs on it. Two days later I had deleted my collection and replaced it with a mix of Miley, Selena and Justin. And not the Justin I like. The Justin she likes.

Although I dubbed it the "Family iPod", my boys don't really have much of an interest in it. It has slowly and surely evolved into "Elizabeth's iPod". She cuddles with it at bedtime (see ya, Teddy Bear!). She dances to it in our living room (volume control, please!). She tunes out her annoying brothers with it. It's become her sister or girl friend in a house full of boys.

But she's six. She doesn't understand how much things cost, and maybe in her first-grade mind the smaller things are, the less money you spend on them. We lose the iPod more than anything else. I find it in her blankets, at the floor of her closet and in between the seats in the car (along with year-old goldfish and sticky half-eaten lollipops).

Which is why I shouldn't have been surprised to find this on the patio table. Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes, the sun beating down on it really does seal the "sticky" in.

Found it!


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