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If I could tell you anything...

Updated on January 21, 2015

If I could tell you anything and you were forced to heed my advice, I'd tell you not to be like me, don't be so effin nice. Don't follow my example, do something with your life-evidently there's no 'honor' in being just a mere housewife. It is not a 'real job' or so I have been told, homemaker is just a title, but it doesn't count as a 'career.'

If I could tell you anything and you had to heed my word, I'd tell you do not listen to the shit you saw and heard. Not everyone is like me, and not everyone likes me, but like it or not, we're family. I don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ve never been a man, you see, so I can only tell you, to do your best, make sure you have a Plan B. If I had it to give, I’d give it, but you’ll have to get it on your own. I had a different life in mind than the one that you have known.

If I could tell you anything and you had to hear me out, I’d tell you don’t be so trusting, not everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt. Don’t be too jaded though, let your guard down from time to time. Find your own way in life; don’t pattern your life after mine. Don’t let what others think of you determine how you will be defined. Be yourself, be who you are, be what you want and say you’ll be, be anything, be everything, be what you always dreamed you’d be. Be everything I’m not, don’t be anything like me. Aspire and inspire, go after what you want, go out into the world and work until you’ve got, everything you’ve ever dreamed-be what they told you, you would not, could not… Prove them wrong, don’t prove them right, become and do what they told you, you could not ever be-would not ever be.

If I could tell you anything, if I could say nothing else, ever again, I’d tell you I love you more than anything, in this world and into the next. I’d tell you it’s been my honor and my privilege to be your mom, I’m sorry if I let you down. I did the very best I could, granted, my best may not be, or has not been good enough-you deserved far much better than me, but I thank God for every moment with you, I've been blessed abundantly.


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