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Imagination Created the World.

Updated on February 28, 2013

Look at the world around you...

Have you ever looked at something, thought "How the heck did someone think that up?" then shrugged the idea off? How did someone think up, well anything really? We humans have made the world adapt to us instead of changing around it. That means that we created the world to be what it is. Every great idea for everything you see just about anywhere came from someone's imagination. Which means that imagination created the world.

Now take a moment to think about your children. Do your children pretend to make their toys talk, pretend that they are animals, or pretend to travel to faraway places? Do you ever find yourself telling them to stop or saying thats not real? On the other hand do you find yourself caught up in whatever vision they have imagined and play along? If you answered the first question with an affirmative you should really think about that for a bit. Do you really want to make your child stop imagining things?

When I was a child I had an imaginary friend. They went everywhere with me. My mom had to make a space at the table and tell them good night. I am so grateful that my mom was understanding of such things. My imagination is so vivid as an adult that it actually makes me fun to pick on even still. If someone says something gross or strange I automatically get the mental image from the comment. As I have gotten older I've been able to occasionally chose my images, but if someone catches me unaware I will get unwanted ones still.

I am a fairly intelligent person. My punctuation and grammar need a little help I know, but I am not as bad as some. I try to see the world for its possibilities as much as possible. I attribute a lot of that to my imagination. To my open mindset and my ability to change my perspective. As I have grown as a person my imagination as only become richer and deeper with life's changes.

When you squash imagination in your children you are squashing the very individuality out of them. Their ability to think for themselves and grow as people. Recently my niece got after her younger sister for "lying". All the poor little girl was doing was pretending something. I don't even remember what she was pretending. I thought to myself "How sad for them that they can't even play". It is the sad truth that so many parents won't even allow that. How can children be children if they can't pretend? How can our world grow, change and be created in another image? I know that the world is in sad shape today. There are so many different problems. That is why our children must be allowed to dream. If they dream maybe they will be able to imagine a solution and save us all.



Life as it seems

Could come out of your dreams

Appeared from the sky

Like a tale so high

Or a bottle taken from the sea

That was dropped upon me

Could be pulled from a book

Like that task that you took

Put it all on a show

But I guess you'll never know

What can happen when you see

And what an open mind can be


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    • coleikerd profile image

      Cole Ikerd 

      8 years ago

      Once again, you rock.


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