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How to Choose a Name for Your Baby

Updated on February 29, 2020
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One of the responsibilities you have as a parent is the naming of your child. For some families this is a time steeped in tradition, for others an annoying, nerve wracking experience. Choosing the name your child will live with for the rest of their days is one of the most lasting gifts you can give to your newborn.

There are many factors to consider when it's time to pick a name for your baby. The factors I'll be covering are:

  • Family tradition
  • Uniqueness
  • Making the final choice

Family Tradition

Nearly as soon as you become pregnant, the question rises...

"What are you going to name it?"

For some new moms and dads, this means contending with the fact that some families use a specific naming structure. For example, in some families the oldest child takes, as a middle name, the first name of their grandparent based on gender. In other cases, the firstborn male child receives his father's name, with a numbering system applied as a suffix. Example: Howard Sr., Jr., III, etcetera.

One convoluted system I have heard of is where the firstborn female takes the middle name of her maternal grandmother as her first name, and the first name of her mother as her middle name. In my case, that would have made my name Carole Dee!

After breaking the good news to your family, it is always a good idea to check and make sure that neither your side nor your significant other's has any traditions regarding the way children in their family are named. This way, if they do - you can attend to it. If they do not, then you're free to name your baby however you like without insulting or disrespecting anyone.

A new baby..... gorilla!

Creatively Naming the Baby

In an effort to be different, to give your child a name that is unlike any other, you can potentially be setting your child up for badgering and bullying later in life. Would you have been alright with a name like "Inysthatia," growing up? I randomly typed that, but you get the idea.

Instead of naming your child by mashing your head on the keyboard or throwing silverware down a hallway and recording the sound, why not try focusing on how the baby makes you feel? Listen to your intuition, moms. As your baby grows within you, you may be surprised to get a burst of ideas, either for toys and themes for your baby, or even a name.

Don't be afraid of naming your baby something which may seem 'common'. If the name is one you feel suits the baby, fits family tradition, or you and your partner just like it, then go for it!

Your Final Answer?

In the end, you'll make a choice as to what to name your new son or daughter based off of a multitude of reasons. The idea, and trick, is to have the process of giving your child identity as hassle-free and agreeable to YOU as possible. You'll be writing and saying this new name a lot in the coming years, and as much as you have to live with the choice you have made, so does your baby.

Once you've decided, stick with it! Often times your gut instinct is going to be right here, and you should definitely listen to your hunches where your baby is involved. You'll rely on a lot of guesswork until you learn your baby's patterns when dealing with feeding changing and holding him or her, so better get ready and deal with your instincts right off the bat.

So, once you've picked the name for your new son or daughter, make sure you tell all your friends and family! Everyone will want to know who to congratulate on coming into the world.


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