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Important Ways To Talk To Your Child

Updated on October 4, 2010

Keep Communication Open and Two Way!

As with any other area of learning, your child will learn by example, most often from you as his parent.

So be aware that the way that you talk to your child will usually be the way that he will talk to others. Also remember that acquiring language is a crucial milestone in any child's development.

As he expands his vocabulary, so his capacity for better intellectual and social development increases.

Here are 3 top tips to remember for you, your child and communication...

1. Be an active listener.

2. Repeat and reply to what you have heard.

3. Develop regular, caring two-way communication.

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Dad teaching son
Dad teaching son

Be an active listener

By listening to your child's point of view, you will show him that you respect his opinion.

He will come to realize that this doesn't necessarily mean that you agree with it, but he will learn that you are interested in understanding it.

It will also show him that you care and have time for him.

Read stories together with young children, this will help to build their vocabulary and communication skills.

As they get older, tell them 'stories' of your daily events and encourage them to tell of their own experiences.

Look what I found!
Look what I found!

Repeat and reply to what you have heard

When he is talking to you, always give your child your complete attention.

You can be fairly certain that he will need your attention at times that are not always convenient to you; but always acknowledge that you will find time for him.

By showing that you are interested in his experiences you will give him the confidence to trust you with his concerns.

Try to repeat back to him what you heard him say. This will show him that you understand what he has told you.

Ask him questions and help him to choose his own options.

Books that could help you...

Read stories together with your children, this will help to build their vocabulary and communication skills.

Interesting Activities For Discussion...

Get discussions going about many different topics.

Everyone, even the youngest tot has an opinion on most things and games bring out the competitive nature in most families!

Get them all joining in...

It's said - the family that plays together, stays together!

Granddad & child
Granddad & child

Develop regular, caring 2-way communication

Regularly ask your child open-ended questions, but always remember that they must be age-appropriate.

Always try to be honest and let him know that you make mistakes too. Talk to him about how you make things right again; that mistakes are part of life.

By talking things through with you and sharing his opinions and feelings he will learn to accept criticism.

This will reinforce the concept that relationships are two-way and therefore should have give-and-take on both sides.

Encouraging Curiosity!

Keep your child busy thinking and doing things and she will continue to ask questions. How? Why? Where? and What? are all good words to keep hearing...

Beach Baby
Beach Baby

And Lastly...

Most of these important ways to talk to your child can be adapted to any age group.

Research carried out recently, has shown a crucial connection between spoken language and written language.

The importance of strong 'language development' is vital to basic social, intellectual and reading skills.

Frequently parents understand 'language development' to mean that their child's conquest of language is an instinctive procedure.

But this is not so, anything that has to be 'developed' must be learned.

So remember that language is the basis for much other learning and talk, listen and talk some more to your child.

Wise Words!

The best inheritance a parent can give his children, is a few minutes of his time each day.

-- O. A. Battista

Activities To Provoke Discussion...

Which of these activities would you rate as the best conversation starter?

Please vote below...

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