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Important points to remember when raising children

Updated on April 30, 2013

Raising children is not an easy task. Unfortunately there is no manual for every baby that comes to this world. In today’s world it is a great challenge to raise children. The reason, well one thing is the ever growing influence of media and entertainment on our children and youth. Another one is the challenge of barely surviving and providing for a family.

But let us see some points that could help us how to make this task a little more easily. To have a child is easy but actually taking care and educating that child is a great challenge. But not all is somber when raising a child. Let’s focus on the positive side of raising children. When you have a child your life becomes more lively, you have a family. You have someone that is part of you and you learn about yourself as you raise your child. And the most important thing you have someone you could show your love too knowing you will receive love as well.

Most couples decide not to have children for varies reasons and that is understandable with all the things that are going on today. This article is not to convince anyone to have children or not to have them; it is design to inform about raising children. Raising children is not for everyone and if you already have a child this is design to help you even though you might think that this is the hardest thing you have done. Which it is in a way but it is not impossible.

Point#1 Teach your child a balance look on the world

Plain and simple if you raise your child to believe that everything is easy in this world it will make things harder for him later on. Some people like to spoil their children with material things which only hurt the child in the long run. Yes it is understandable that we would want to provide our children with things that we did not have and have them do better. But think about it if we provide things for that child without them actually making an effort to get what they want they will think that everything is going to be provided to them.

What we want to teach them is to work for things and to have that feeling of needing to responsible. Of course you not going to have the poor child work for everything but at least as they grow up they understand that things cost money and hard work. The keyword is balance, yes balance in the way they see themselves and the world.

Point#2 Teach your child empathy for others and to be unselfish

If your children learn how to share things and to be unselfish they will have an easier way through life. This will help them to get along with others and will teach them to be compassionate as well. If we are not unselfish and show empathy for others then what is the point of being human. Even animals sometimes show unselfishness.

By teaching children to share toys with their siblings or friends they will learn that not everything is centered on them. The main thing is to help your child get along with others and will teach them how to help others. This is important because they will be able to have healthy relationships with others.

Point#3 Time, time, time….

Yes time. This is a challenge in today’s world because as we know we have to work long hours just to survive. Or other responsibilities take away time from dedicating to children. The reason you need to spend time with your child is because they need to know that you care and love them. Also this helps their self-esteem and their outlook on themselves.

Little periods of time can be arranged around a busy schedule to dedicate time to your child. By eating dinner together, or on the way to school, and also at night before going to sleep one can dedicate time to the child. The important thing is to dedicate quality time. Even on weekends by planning an activity with them. One thing to avoid is just sitting on the couch and watching television together is not dedicating time to a child. It does not have to be something expensive to dedicate time; it could be as simple as going to the park for a walk or walking around at a shopping mall and grabbing some ice cream. Think of some activity that your children will like and also that you will have the opportunity to converse with them.

Point#4 Know your child

Here again the importance of dedicating time to your child. It is of utmost importance to know who your child is, what they think or feel. This way you know how to help your child when in the future they have a problem. Children are like a clay pot. As the artist keeps the clay moist he is able to shape and mold the clay to his desires as long as the clay is moist. But once the clay dries then the clay becomes harder to work with and any shaping or molding is nearly impossible to do without damaging the piece.

The same way children when their young are able to be taught things very easy that will shape them to their future adult. This is the most important part of the child because once they grow a little older It will be difficult to shape them. As we know the most prevalent influence as they grow are their friends at school and media. That is why if not taught when they are young then once they have grown up it would be like trying to shape that drying piece of clay. The important thing is to teach your child moral values at a young age because that will help them stay away from trouble. Being involve in your child’s life will help as well by knowing who they spend time with at school or what they watch on television will help you keep bad influence from your child.


Point#5 Discipline with love

As we all know children will misbehave that is no mystery because we were children also and we did the same or even worse things. And in today’s world there are a lot of help books about discipline children. But one thing that works today will change tomorrow because not all the professionals agree on one thing. Now the most important thing to understand is what discipline is. Many believe discipline is to yell and hit a child when they do something wrong. Others go to the other extreme were their parenting is reduce to nothing because they are not firm in their discipline.

Discipline comes down to teaching that is what it is. To correct something that is wrong to make right. Yes sometimes children do need a good old spanking but should never be done in anger and should not pass beyond to abuse. Children understand things at a young age so one can discipline by talking. One thing that could help is to take away from the child something valuable to them, for example their favorite toy or not having play time. Then you explain to the child why he is being punished and they will understand the reason. But one thing to do is to be firm with the discipline if you stipulated a certain amount of time or certain things that are prohibited then follow to the end. That way the child knows that discipline is an important thing and a serious one.

Point# 6 Show them love

The most important thing of all in raising a child is to show love and affection. A simple word like “I love you” is good but even better is to demonstrate that love. Don’t just say it prove it to your child by hugging them or kissing them. Love is an essential part of parenting and should be perceived by the child. Sometimes it is hard to show love because of the way we were raised ourselves or the culture but it is very important that we learn to show that love to children. How to show love has varies ways. A simple gift, spending time together or teaching you child one of your hobbies, anything that shows them that you care about them and love them. Just as long as you demonstrate that you love them.

In conclusion...

These are some points to help things run a little more smoothly while raising your child. Of course there is no perfect child even if you raise him as perfect as possible. Sometimes even children or teenagers that are consider good kids can make mistakes, which is normal and of course expected. The important thing is how we will react to those mistakes and how we will help them to avoid those mistakes again. Teaching children will help them through life because they will have values that they will keep for a lifetime and hence will have a successful relationship with others.

That is why raising a child is the most important thing to do because that is a reflection of our work and also they are a part of us. Having a child changes your life but it is for good because you learn as well as they do and you become a better person because of this. It is a beautiful feeling to become a parent and the benefits out weight the troubles. It helps couples become families and completes them in their love for each other because now they have a part of each other in a new human being.


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    • Marko Todoric profile image

      Marko Todoric 10 months ago from Novi Sad

      Great hub! I love reading about parenting and learning something new.

      I would recommend everyone who loves reading about this topic to visit for many more great articles.

    • ea1589 profile image

      ea1589 4 years ago

      Thank you all (JamiJay, agapsikap, & ClaireDixon). I appreciate your comments =)

    • ClaireDixon profile image

      Claire Dixon 4 years ago from Billingham, Cleveland. UK

      Lovely hub :) these days all too many parents simply fail to spend enough time with their children. Everyone is in too much of a hurry to take the time to show their children just how wonderful the world we live in really is.

    • agapsikap profile image

      agapsikap 4 years ago from Philippines

      Great hub on raising a child. You have a very useful tips and wonderful ideas. Thanks for sharing.

    • JamiJay profile image

      Jami Johnson 4 years ago from Somewhere amongst the trees in Vermont.

      I really loved this! All very good points on parenting with a very beautiful and loving way!