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Improve Your Character

Updated on April 18, 2019
Lalit Bunkar profile image

Lalit Kumar is a software developer. He mostly writes technical article but enjoys writing on other topics too.

Spiritual life

Spiritual life is no different from the rest of life; it is just the best life. Imagine that a woman listens to the fact that Ramkrishna saw God as equally as if we see an apple in my hand, or a man listens to the great yogi who realizes the truth of the universe. By the light bulb of the changing avalanche, they feel the integration of that light. By seeing this, a man or a woman can decide to meditate under a tree or cave for days. Or they can fast for days, go to hard pilgrims and practice for hours of mystical mantras. Will they succeed in their efforts? Experience says maybe not.

Real life

Real life offers a key to their travels. Imagine that someone who goes to a piano concert and listens to the world's biggest artist. Music is auspicious, there is no dearth of skills in the pianist, high lift, best and our audience decides, "This is my way. I want to do this." He sits on the piano, tries to match the work of the great artist, but he does not talk about music. No matter how many hours he spent, no matter how honestly tried it, he could not attain what he had heard in the concert.

Why? He can not realize how much work is needed to reach that level of expertise. To succeed, it is important to start from the beginning of the path, not from its middle or final part. If the fundamental things are left out, then our efforts will not get sustainable spiritual progress. The basic things in the case of pianist are the principles of music, training of muscles and muscles, development of memory, nurturing an understanding ear and practice, practice, practice. Even in spiritual life there is nothing different from this. Not only did the great people sit in a cave, in a short time did not get empathy. He himself worked for years, decades. He made sadhana, changed his habits, desires, reactions, even in his own character. If we want to find what they found, we should do the same. We should work for him.

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.

The foundation

The basic things, the foundation, which our spiritual progress depends on, is our character. What is the character actually? Character is a combination of mental and moral qualities that are typical in a person. On the path of spirituality, the first step is to create, improve and transform its character. My master, except Subramuniyam Swamy said:

"It is true that happiness comes from meditation, and it is also true that high consciousness is the heritage of all mankind. Nevertheless, ten abstinence [Yama] and related practices [rules] to maintain the joy of consciousness It is necessary, as well as good feelings towards yourself and others, which can be attained in any avatar, it creates patience and behavior character. The character is the foundation of spiritual growth. The fact is that as much as we But we can fall as much as we can also fall down. The above cycles roam faster, the lower chakras that are available to us roam faster than them, the platform of our character should be tailored to our lifestyle, We can get complete satisfaction, which is necessary to walk on this path. These great sages saw the weaknesses of human nature and gave this guidance and discipline so that it is capable of Could be. He said, "Let's try! Do not hurt others, we are truthful and respect other all the virtues they tell. "

Swami Chinmayananda, the chancellor of Chinmaya Mission, linked spiritual development directly to character change: "If we organize our lives in such a way that we can find the potential within us, and we should control our behavior so that Nutrition and expansion, then our life will be well spent. Our success depends on how much of our character and behavior Rtn find La. "

Negative Character

All of us have heard of the negative stories about negative character: "In the same way, what can I do about it in this?" I am just a lazy person. Hinduism teaches that with the character, We are born in our life. This is the result of the sum total of our past deeds. Some people are clearly pure since birth, others are of mixed nature and some others are self-centered and devious. However, Hinduism also teaches that we can change the qualities of our character, with whom we were born, through self-thinking thoughts and self-effort, by looking at them and by controlling our thoughts and by presently doing karma, special By recreating positive thoughts and actions in a form. The more we express the qualities of the character and think over it, the quality which we want to increase, the stronger it will become.

Accepting the idea that we can change the virtues of negative character like laziness, it would be an essential first step. Once this perception will be kept in mind, then adopting the following four-post approach will be very useful, in contrast to the development of the qualities of the positive character:

  • Understanding Positive Quality
  • Recognize its expression
  • Feeling its benefits
  • Practicing its expression

Four Steps

Let's see how this four step process is used to convert laziness into hard work.


Understand the positive qualities. Ensure that you have a clear understanding of the character of the character that should be cherished. A good way to do this will be to define it in your own words. Let us define work very diligently as "hardworking, who can work for a long time to finish a project". The opposite will be laziness, "Do not work hard, choosing to live without work." Then meditate on positive attributes.


Identify its expression. Make a list of people who represent positive thoughts, words, attitude and behavior. After this, make another list of opposite properties.

Hard Work

  • Work now
  • Work late to finish the job
  • Maximum productivity


  • Evade work
  • Stop quickly
  • Do at least


Feel the benefits of it. Make lists of the benefits of this property. It can include insights to which problems arise when acting on the contrary.

Hard Work

  • Better ability to serve family and community
  • Career opportunities in carrier
  • Praise from colleagues
  • Increased self esteem
  • Avoiding criticism

Science can provide insight. Thirukurul provides valuable consideration when working hard, saying, "Good luck, by doing hard work by yourself, is such a person within which there is no endless energy." He warns about laziness: avoiding work, dissonance, idleness and sleep - these four make that vessel, the fate of the people on which the person destroys them. "


Practice his goodness. Regular practice of activities that develop positive character. Look closely from him as you are benefiting from his experience. Keep goals that can be easily accomplished. Be careful that the goals are not too high, which can not be completed, you get discouraged and stop trying. To increase the quality of hard work, focus on the fact that your productivity will increase by five percent per day. It can be achieved by rapid reduction, or by working long hours, or by combining both of them.

Gradually, the character will begin to build and many traits that define you will point to the change, in order to experience deep spiritual and very secure physical existence in your day-to-day life. Remember: Making a continuous effort is key to conquering karma.


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