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Infantico Baby Sling Recall

Updated on July 7, 2011
Infantico Recall
Infantico Recall

Infantino made baby slings were recalled in March 2010 due to 3 reported infant deaths. This is a massive Infantico Baby Sling Recall as more than 1 million of baby slings are recalled. It is posible that infant babies, especially those under 4 months old, could suffocate baby slings due to the fabric material. Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends to stop using the baby slings immediately for children under 4 months as it was aware of deaths in Philadelphia, Cincinnati and Salem, Oregon in 2009. Baby slings are the fun,  and fashionable way to wrap and wear the baby with comfortable ease and they are supposed to be safe for the babies. The fabric choices make it convenient to carry the baby or your child anyplace you need to go.

Infantico Baby Sling Recall Info


Infantico Baby sling

What are the ways to calm fussy babies? Parents are constantly looking out for ways to lead their normal life without babies slowing them down. One of the easy ways is to use Baby Slings as they are considered to be safe and a convenient way to make babies feel comfortable. It also serves as a wonderful way to help moms breastfeed their babies when keeping them in the baby sling.

The Infantino Baby Sling Recall involves "SlingRider" and "Wendy Bellissimo" baby slings. What are these slings used for anyways? These baby slings wrap around the chest to help moms carry their babies without using their hands.

It is reported that these sling-style baby carriers may suffocate infants, especially babies under 4 months. It is easy to keep the baby cuddled with the parent while your hands are completely free. For example, it is possible to take a morning stroll on the beach with your baby wrapped nicely near your chest or even a hike in the mountains. Many parents like to go sight-seeing and shopping or even to cook a nice meal for guests while having the baby next to you as they want to keep the babies feel safe and secure.

Some fabric material in the baby slings as in the case of Infantico is soft and may be cause as it can press against a baby's face including nose and mouth. This may block the breathing of babies. The Infantino slings being recalled were sold for the past 8 years at brick and mortar stores and on online stores like The price of the baby sling were about $30. If you are affected, feel free to call Infantino at 866-860-1361 to receive a free replacement product.

Infantino Baby Sling Recall 2010 news

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