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Innocence Revisited.

Updated on October 14, 2009


Innocence revisited



Innocence before the world

tainted enchanted eyes,
when all was big fields of daisies
and butterflies and endless gasping runs,
full of giggles and tumbles in grass
as tall as our sense of time...

hours were weeks,

days were months,

months were eternal...
and each with its own special surprises

 ...snow....towers...forts.....snow people....
harmless fights with snowballs hurled....
sledding..sliding...gliding on the ice
and stomping on it just to here it crack...

When Santa Claus  was due

listening for those sleigh bells
and bumps on the rooftop...

then Christmas morning
after sleepless nights

dashing then tearing
squealing then sighing

then playing all day with the new....

Spring sweet dandelions to make

butter on each others chins...
trees barking to be climbed....
rains to run through...
puddles to wade..
birds song making our souls dance...
.Easter bunnies and candy...
green conquering all of

our tiny tulip-ed worlds......

Summer...schools out..
doors burst open as masses

of restless young souls
erupt with shouts of pure joy...
hot sun beats down on

peanut butter samwiches
on a picnic in June...

slip and slides and pools
replace spring rains.....

sleeping out...sleeping over...
homework consist of making

a bed on a good day....
out till the streetlights come on....
holding hands and whistling

together without laughing....
skipping stones across lakes
vacations with new kids

 and summer loves
and eating out at

the old golden arches

Fall off to school

with new pads of paper
clothes all crisp

and never worn...
shoes so new they squeak...
new year

even before Jan.31st....
with leaves to kick...dive in....
and rake into Halloween dummies 

to perch up on chairs...
pumpkin pies...pumpkin scraping...

trick or treat....
the smell of masks

 and sugared candied mouth slots...

Thanksgiving...delightful smells...
to the drone of boring

Detroit games while dad snores...
ladies bustling in the kitchen...

kids out in the early snow

belly sliding on pieces

of cardboard down the drives....
all that in-no-sense of what was ahead...
just enjoying the now..
the how...the wow...... long ago...

Recaptured later in

the eyes of a new love
the first time a kiss is shared...
some of the merry-go-round

belly whirlies come back....
when that first joined

explosion lets loose
with exquisite delight

like the swooping back
on a swing and feeling tickly

 mind bending butterflies
flip flop in your tummies....

innocence in some form returns...
when you hold a new baby,

and smell it's sweetness...
and watch it grow...

you relive your own innocence
through their daily routines...

and as grandparents  too
eventually you get

to relive it again...

But the memories of

the in-no-sense time

 way back when 
are what carries us through

 the trails and tribulations
of adulthood with it's

reduced freedom and joys......

Thus innocence (in-no-sense)

is never really lost completely......
we visit it often till

our eyes close forever.......
then we enter a world

 of in-no-sense again....

Such lovely memories....gathered here

my enthusiasm shows a wee bit....
So why don't you serve tea to a teddy...
but I get to make the mud pies.....and hey
let's sit over there in

the shade of the willow
and just pretend....



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