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Baby Songs - Instrumental Lullaby Music for Babies

Updated on January 31, 2015

Instrumental Lullaby Music for Babies

As proven by scientific researches and developmental psychologists, music is beneficial not only to children but also for adults because music stimulates senses. It is recommended as part of everyday routine for babies. Learning music is also recommended specially for children, as their capacity to learn are greatest at this age. As baby senses are awaken up when they hear music it also help them conditioned their minds specially the faster beat type of music. Instrumental lullabies however try to calm and soothe babies so that they can sleep faster and soundly.

Instrumental lullabies works as well for the one who is taking care of the baby as the caregiver usually takes a rest or nap when the baby sleeps too. Mom and baby benefit from the instrumental lullabies.

What are lullabies?

Lullaby songs are songs for babies so that they will fall asleep faster. Instrumental lullaby music for babies are also best because the rhythm and the soothing sound makes them sleep longer, thus they are well rested. There are other types of lullabies which we are used to but instrumental lullabies are the best for babies.

Istrumental Lullaby Music

Aside from the more popular lullaby music selection by Billy Joel -- "Lullaby (Good Night My Angel)"-- and the Beatles "Good Night" there are lots of instrumental music to choose from. Usually instrumental lullaby music selections are in CDs and is usually in D flat, slowly soothing and calming with instrumentals.

I like "Silent Night" and Lullaby (Hush Little Baby), Hush A Bye, Brahms and Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

Some instrumental lullaby music are from greatest hits of music artists and made into lullabies.

Some examples of the famous instrumental lullabies are :

  1. "The Most Soothing Lullabies in the Universe"
  2. "On A Starry Night" and "Pussy's Lullaby"
  3. "Rockabye Baby"
  4. “Late Night Guitar”
  5. Princess Lullaby"
  6. “Lullaby and Godnight”
  7. "Lullaby Of Birdland Pak-Rhythm"
  8. "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes"
  9. “Sleep Well My Baby”
  10. "Someday My Prince Will Come"
  11. Rockabye Baby which was Led Zeppelins hits made into beautiful instrumental lullabies.
  12. “Lullabies” By Sing2learn
  13. "Still a Bach Lullaby"
  14. "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"
  15. Baby’s Broadway Lullabies

You can also choose classical lullaby instrumental music by the likes of Chopin, Beethoven et al and you will drift off to sleep like never before (true for adults and babies).

One Internet site called the "Land of Nod" --- sells many instrumental lullabies and of course at or your favorite music store, You can also buy mp3 download for some selective instrumental music

Instrumental Music Lullaby which the mom and the baby can enjoy too -- images are nice

Instrumental lullabies are excellent both when they are about to sleep and still awake.hen babies are awake, instrumental music is good too, example of this is the soothing sound of running waters and the bird chirping makes you travel to a different time and space.Usually this kind of music when there is background noises are not suitable as lullabies.

Instrumental lullabies are also likened by mothers as they put their baby to sleep, it is rest time for them as well.

Instrumental Lullaby Music for Babies

Istrumental Lullaby Music for Babies

Lullabies are popular even during the ancient times

  • Lullabies are popular even in ancient times and it is culture specific. Mothers usually sing a sing or two for their children when they try to make them sleep. Some lullaby songs are translated in different languages because in essence the words and the rhythm can soothe any baby so to speak.

Why is Instrumental Music Good for Babies?

Generally music are good for children as they become more creative and confident. It stimulates their senses and they value listening more to it when they are used to it. I use music when I am doing something in the kitchen and I put my baby in the playpen, baby always seems to be happy thinking that somebody is with them when there is music beside them. Music is the non moving companion of babies.

The feeling of security is good for children as they become more confident and can explore and maximize their potential to learn. Looking at babies when they hear music, you can see that they always try to concentrate and go with the beat, they either kick, smile and move their hands.

According to recent researches, music plays significant role in mental development of children. The mental conditioning is great and they carry this fondness for music until they grow up. It is also recommended that even when they are not sleeping it is advisable for children to listen to instrumental music (more so with babies).


Music in general is very beneficial to children, they stimulate the minds and is a factor for their mental growth and development. Music elevates the senses, makes a person more calmer and can make them concentrate more. Children are encouraged to be active in learning music. Lullaby instrumental music are proven good for the babies not only as lullaby and for getting her to sleep but also during waking time. The only difference is that you can play music with faster beat and rhythm when they are awake and you want your babies to listen to music.

Listening to the lullaby instrumental music makes the mother and baby sleep calmly, comfortable and longer -- the rest they needed is good for the overall health of the mother who is the primary caregiver and of course the baby.

Instrumental Lullaby Music for Babies

Instrumental Lullaby Music for Babies


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