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Intuitive Parenting May Help In This Present Day Context

Updated on September 27, 2015

As a parent, you may be thinking that there is a Universal Book that provides solutions to all the parental issues you face. According to you, this book may contain answers to all the doubts, anxieties, fears and the worries you experience day in and day out. You may be searching for such a book on Google and various other search engines. But unfortunately, no such book is available.

The main reason for the absence of such a book is that parental rules are not static. They keep changing every millisecond. Parents are not sure of the scenarios they will be facing. In fact, you yourself may not know what problems you may be forced to handle the next hour

Experts say that there are millions of variables, little as well as big, that govern parenting rules. Therefore, if can easily be said that you really do not know how you will handle situations that may present themselves.

In the present-day context, you face the twin problems of information explosion and over-advice. Due to this, you may have become oblivious of the fact that you once were in possession of what is known as GPS or a Global Parenting Software. This was a built-in intuitive system that was helping yesteryear parents. This GPS can not be considered universally right but this intuitive system can be the right way for your children or family. This means you should get back this personally intuitive compass that has been buried and forgotten, thanks to the information explosion and over-advice.

How to reclaim this intuitive power?

1. You are not the CEO of the family

Stop considering yourself as the CEO or Chief Educational Officer of the family. So, try not to educate others including children in the family. Of course, you can substitute "everything" in the place of "educational" which means do not try to shoulder all the responsibilities. This may be highly burdensome and may exhaust you quickly. This may lead to outbursts. As you age, this problem may worsen. Instead, you should view yourself as a work-in-progress. This again means you are continuously learning and figuring out things as your children keep growing. In other words, you are growing along with them. In fact, you are growing thanks to them.
When you are learning, you are bound to commit mistakes. The truth is that only because of these flaws and mistakes, you are growing. If you change your perspective like this, you will feel as if some massive weight has been lifted of you. This sense of relief and safety will accelerate your growth.

2. Change your thinking pattern

When you face a tricky situation, ask yourself how you should connect with the moment instead of what you should do to tackle the situation. Be willing to be flexible because what you are facing a real-life situation.

3. Never chase perfection

As an expert remarks very often, perfection is a joke. In fact, there is nothing called a perfect solution to any problem. The concept of perfectionism has become stale now.
You are not a judge to point out which is right and which is wrong. But you should try and consider various angles when you face a problem. This is for deciding where you fit in.
This thinking pattern may help you get curious so you will open up to various new possibilities. It is a known fact that curiosity can unlock many doors. When you add the element of empathy, you will handle the situation in such a manner that the relationship with your children gets enhanced.

In short, take your journey towards becoming an intuitive parent. This may all the more be useful in this age of over-advice and information explosion.


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