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Is YOUR Teen Having Sex?

Updated on April 25, 2012

Young and in Love

They Look So Innocent

Is your son or daughter a teen? Has he/she started having sex? Who is providing birth control and what is being provided? I know girls as young as thirteen and fourteen who are having sex, some with single partners and some with multiple partners. Some are using condoms, some are using birth control pills and still others are using no protection at all.

Samantha and Jeff had been “going together” since the start of their eighth grade year.

By November they were the talk of the school. Samantha thought she was pregnant. Jeff was trying to figure out how he was going to keep going to school and also find a job to help pay for a baby. The sad part of this story, they had not had sex. They had come close, but had not truly had sex.

Pregnancy is not the worst thing that can happen to your child. When you were a teen there were four STD's and they could be treated with a round of antibiotics. Today there are over thirty STD's and many of them are viruses. There is no cure and antibiotics will not solve the problem. Did you know that of the twenty-six new STD's, twenty-two of them could kill or maim your daughters? There are some that your daughters might get that will not be discovered until she is married and wants to have children. Endometriosis is one of those. It destroys the fallopian tubes, preventing eggs from getting to the babies. Sometimes it even requires surgery to remove the uterus.

AIDS is not just a homosexual disease and the age group it is rapidly growing among
is teens. There is no cure for AIDS. Sometimes people don’t even know they have AIDS for up to ten years.

Know where your children are, who they are with and what they are doing. Sex is not a
game. It is not uncontrollable. But, you cannot look the other way. Your daughter's boyfriend should not spend the night at your house and she should not spend the night at his. This is just an invitation for trouble. Be the parent. You can be their friend later. Know what is going on with your child. Talk to your child about sex, STDs, AIDS, and the other consequences of having sex too young. Don’t let them be a Samantha or a Jeff.

The entire episode with Samantha and Jeff (not their real names) blew over, however not before damage was done to her reputation. They are no longer even friends. Both are still in school and both have totally different outlooks on relationships. Living in a small town has not helped. They cross paths on a regular basis. He has chosen to use Facebook for game playing only. She uses it as gossip central. They have done some growing up much faster than they should have, mostly because no one ever talked to them about sex and the responsibilities that go with it.

Don’t let this be the story of your child. Talk to them early. Explain the dangers and the responsibility. Don’t have them thinking it is the other person’s job to protect them both. It is both their responsibilities. If they have information, they will be more prepared. They will also be free to say “no” or “not at this time.”


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