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Is my baby getting enough milk?

Updated on August 28, 2011

Is my baby getting enough milk. This is a question most mothers have at some point of time or the other while especially when they begin breast feeding their young baby. Many mothers tend to think their milk supply has reduced when they compare themselves with other young mothers. Most of the time mothers begin to think that less milk is being produces cus they cease to feel their breast being heavy or due to slow or diminished let down and leaking of breasts. It is very important to know that the mothers body adjusts to the need of her child over a period of time and hence she may not feel the heaviness she earlier experienced. It is not possible to measure the number of ounces of breast milk that your baby is consuming however the best way to know if your baby is getting enough milk is a steady weight gain.

Some basic observations that can keep you reassured that your baby is getting enough--

  • As mentioned earlier the most logical sign is steady weight gain. Your baby usually gains about an ounce a day in the first few months of it's life. Your baby should regain the birth weight in about a fortnights time. Most babies shed a few ounces after birth but quickly regain it in a few days time.
  • Your baby nurses frequently for about ten to fifteen min in an interval of two/three hours reaching upto as many as 12 feeds a day. As the baby masters the technique of latching on and nursing efficiently she may nurse for a smaller duration of time instead of 15 min every feed.
  • While nursing you can see a silver halo like lining around his lips to know he is feeding efficiently. You may also hear him swallow. The typical way a baby drinks milk is drinking for a while pausing to swallow and drinking again.
  • Your baby wets about 8 cloth diapers and 6 disposable diapers this is an approx number and your baby may wet more numbers than mentioned which need not be reason for panic.
  • Most importantly your baby seems content and not cranky after a feed and is active and healthy which indicates he is getting enough nourishment.
  • We sometimes over ride the possibility of low milk supply so in case you are in doubt feel free to see a specialist to get expert advise.

The best indicators that your baby is feeding well is his activity, steady weight gain and bowel movement.

Read about how you can boost your milk supply in my other posts.

Bowel movement can also be a good indication that your child is feeding well. However do not be alarmed if your baby does not pass motions everyday. Most breastfed babies after the first month may skip passing stools for a day or two which is quite normal and is not considered constipation.

Healthy Content Breastfed Baby
Healthy Content Breastfed Baby


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