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It Was Nighter

Updated on April 19, 2015

Writing poems and stories for children in rhyme can be so fun, rewarding and challenging.

Children love reading and listening to stories and poems with rhyming words.

What I do not understand is why publishers shy away from Children's books written in rhyme.

Rhymes are everywhere ... for a reason. People relate to the cadence, the tempo, the beat.

Listen to any song on the radio. Each and every one rhymes.

Unless you go the self-publishing route like I had to, with "It Was Nighter", it is next to impossible for an author to get a Children's book that is written in rhyme published.

My grown son is an amazing song writer. He says, if it had not been for the rhyming books that we read when he was small, he'd never be able to write music as he does now.

It is too bad. There are so many talented writers out there who go unrecognized because they will not be given a chance.

If anyone has suggestions, there are thousands waiting for answers.


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