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Kangaroo Care for Infants

Updated on May 20, 2011
Kangaroo care between mother and baby
Kangaroo care between mother and baby

Kangaroo care is a method of holding a baby in mother's bare breasts or father's chest. The baby dressed only in a diaper, hat and blanket covering for his back. It provides a warm environment for the newborn baby. Kangaroo care was initiated by South American neonatologists. Kangaroo care is not only good for full term baby but also for premature babies. Researchers have found that the skin to skin contact with the mother can help to stabilize the infant heartbeat, body temperature, and breathing.


Benefits of kangaroo care for the baby:

 The benefits of kangaroo care for the baby include regular breathing pattern, stable heart rate, improved oxygen saturation levels, weight gain, decreased crying, longer periods of restful sleep, increased milk supply and no cold stress. Mothers who use skin to skin contact have more success in breastfeeding and also makes bonding in a easy way. Additional benefits of kangaroo care include more rapid brain development, improve developmental skills and longer alert periods.

Benefits of kangaroo care for the parents:

Benefits of kangaroo care for the parents include feeling of closeness with their babies, increased milk supply, improved bonding and increased sense of control. When a baby is placed on the mother's bare breast or father's chest, the baby can hear the breathing and heartbeat of the parent. This stimulates the baby to have a regular breathing pattern and heart rate.

 How to get start kangaroo care?

Remove your nursing bra and wear a shirt that opens in a front. The baby wearing only a diaper, hat will be placed in mother's bare breasts or father's chest in an upright postion. Cover your baby with a blanket and enjoy the bonding experience. Try to hold your baby for atleast one hour. It helps to increase your milk production, body temperature and regular heart rate.


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