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Strong Family Bond vs. Technological Advancement

Updated on April 15, 2020
Chardie Cat profile image

Chardie Cat is an author and a blogger. He used to work in the fields of PR, Publishing & Internet Marketing. Now, he is a freelance writer.

Family is life, keep it strong

The quick technological evolution, the emergence of hi-tech gizmos and online applications and the surge of social media mania have definitely impacted the modern family relationships. Evidently, this reality has brought colossal changes, both the pragmatic and idealistic, to every home all over the world.

My childhood years were immersed in the tranquility of rural existence. Without the bustling sounds of civilization, I relished the simple joys of life such as the chasing games, including running naked under the rain with other children, catching dragonflies and spiders with my siblings, and listening to my mother’s bedtime stories. Those days helped me to simply learn and understand the beautiful meaning of family—time well spent together.

Nowadays, things are different. We evolved and almost every aspect of our existence has changed. While it is true that time changes everything, what else hasn’t changed? Even my childhood perception of family quality time has gone along with that reality. Today, digital parenting has become a conventional setup for parents who are exceptional career stalwarts. They only care about how much money they could make and care less about how good of a child they could raise with their time. The children? They’re already getting used to loving it when their parents are not around. No nagging, no restrictions. And, most of them find comfort in their gadgets, social media and online gaming.

While this familiar scenario is happening to many families around us, we should avoid this from happening to our own. It is never wrong to embrace change and consider global development, but it is better to keep a meaningful family relationship. Quality time develops a strong bond between family members and it allows for the creation of wonderful memories. You don’t have to die working hard, but end up living in affluence alone.

Family is life, so keep it close and hold it like a lifeline. If in the absence of CoronaVirus (Covid-19) you are in the aforesaid situation, please make time for a valuable talk with your children over a tasty meal at home. If possible, travel with them to places that give you a bucket filled of fun and laughter as souvenirs. Learn about what they like as you go to the mall and enjoy shopping together. Huddle together for warmth while watching inspiring family movies. Always make your rest day a day for a cookout or outdoor family bonding activities to catch up with each other, which is a better chance to promote openness, share thoughts and strengthen family bonding.

This article tries to reach you out, or your friends who are in the aforesaid situation, to remind you, lest you forget, of the importance of quality time—or even a little time for a chitchat, a short call or a brief visit—in keeping the strong bond of your family.

So, why should you need to keep strengthening your family bond through the years?

Family Bonding Carefully Nurtures Relationship

Every family has its way of spending quality time together. Some families would love to go on a road trip for sightseeing, dry picnic and nature adventures. Other families would like to spend a day at the malls for a little shopping, gadget hub hopping and eating out. If your family would consider doing similar activities and make it a tradition, then the connection of each family member will be uplifted and family spirit will be revitalized. Each occasion will feed the family members with love and other warm feelings—perpetuating the bond indestructibly whole.

Family Conversations Inspires Members to Be Open

Find time to prepare a delicious home-cooked meal for your family and feast on it together. While enjoying the meal, encourage a worthwhile conversation. This will inspire them to freely impart their thoughts, experiences and, maybe, issues while you are sharing the table. Initiate discussions about various topics, whether it’s about current issues, recent fashion or technology trends, future goals, and personal achievements. Being open with each member is vital in promoting family transparency and security.

Being Present for Every Member Makes a Positive Difference

Your presence in the house or being present for each other, regardless of what the situation is, can truly fire up family spirit. It will excite and inspire everyone to be good as you make memories together. It is always good to know you have your family whatever the season is where you can share the euphoria of success and comfort in times of failure. A presence that reminds you, hey, you’re not alone.

Regular Family Gathering Shows the Meaning of Family

Family traditions should always remain and be the source of strength for each member. Regular family get-together activities will strengthen the bond and foster happiness. A simple gathering, with tête-à-tête over food, can become a fountain of different emotions—excitement, joy and love. This is the time when most of the members, if not all, forget about gadgets and social media. A time when you can see and feel the true meaning of family.

You may have hundreds of friends to feel comfortable and happy with, but let me remind you, when all else fails, you have nowhere to run but family. So, to avoid being replaced by technology, social media and other online applications in the heart of your family, especially your children, start revisiting your lifestyle, redirecting your focus and giving your family a little of your time to talk, to bond and to just being around. It is the most essential way to feel the true value of family and embrace its real meaning.


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