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Keeping the kids busy this summer

Updated on May 29, 2016
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Erin Shelby is passionate about living a lifestyle that aims for financial freedom. She writes about personal finance and other topics.

If your kids can’t wait for summer but you know they’ll be bored fast, try these ideas for keeping your kids busy this summer.

Use the public library

A wonderful resource for information during the school year, the public library is also a treasure trove during summers. Depending on what your neighborhood offers, it can be a source for entertainment in various mediums including CDs, DVDs and magazines. Summer reading programs may provide prizes for kids who participate and programs that allow kids to socialize may be available.

Help them earn money

If your child is too young to get a summer job, brainstorm age-appropriate ways he or she can earn money. Babysitting, dog walking or helping elderly neighbors with yard work are all possibilities depending on your child’s age and abilities.

Investigate summer lessons

Has your child expressed an interest in karate, gymnastics, violin or voice lessons? Summer is a great time to explore this interest on a trial basis and see if your child will stay interested after the newness wears off. Summer is also a great time to learn the fundamentals of an art or sport if your child has signed up to participate on a team or group during the next school year.

Try job shadowing

Job shadowing is a great way for anyone to explore career possibilities. Summer is a great time for your child to shadow you for a day at work to better understand your routine. For high school students, job shadowing is a practical way to learn about a career before starting college and declaring a major. If your child discovers that your job is boring or otherwise unpleasant, it can give him or her a new appreciation for a summer off.

Send them to camp

Your kids won’t be bored this summer if they’re at camp! Attending a summer camp is a great chance for your child to make friends, build self-esteem and make lifelong memories. The American Camp Association can help you find the right camp for your child. Use their website to search for a day camp or overnight camp and search for co-ed, boys’ only, girls’ only or faith-focused camps.

Has your child gone to any kind of summer camp?

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    • BNadyn profile image

      Bernadyn 3 years ago from Jacksonville, Florida

      Wonderful ideas for the kids to find more productive things to do over the summer. My son is only six so he can't work yet but I love the idea of music lessons and finding a way to earn money or job shadowing. He has been going to the library once a week since he signed up for his own library card right when summer break began. Voting up!

    • erinshelby profile image

      erinshelby 4 years ago from United States

      Thank you, I hope this helps!

    • vandynegl profile image

      vandynegl 4 years ago from Ohio Valley

      I like your idea of job shadowing! We have my husband's brother part of the time and he is 11. I have tried SEVERAL techniques last summer, but he was unenthusiastic. Pretty much no to summer camps, and no to sporting things, but the job shadowing idea sounds neat. He loves motorcycles and building things......thanks for posting!