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Kids Bathtub Bumpers

Updated on March 3, 2011

Some of you may not remember bath time as a child, but I do. And I can remember slip sliding around the stupid tub whilst my mother told me to stop playing around -- but I wasn't playing around, it was just too damned hard to sit still on a super slippery surface, especially when it was full of Mr. Bubble. I often wished we had those butterfly thingies you stick on the tub to keep yourself from slipping around, but now that I've seen these bumpers, I think someone's clearly gone and come up with a better idea. Your kid may have fun sliding around for a minute or two, but you don't want your child to slip so quickly that they thwack their noggin on the bathtub walls. If your kid is young enough to do that, try one of these bathtub bumpers.

Sesame Street Bath Bumper

Sesame Street, what's not to love, right? This baby bathtub bumper attaches via suction cups for added security and safety. Obviously, if you have an unusually shaped tub, this may not fit perfectly, but they do say it will fit most sizes just fine. Easy to clean and comes with a repair kit. Just in case your eyes are as bad as mine, this bumper features Big Bird, Cookie Monster and Elmo.

Munchin Safety Tub

If you really want to make bath time super cool, try this Munchkin White Hot inflatable Duck tub! If the water gets too hot, the the safety disc will turn white. Once you deflate it it's very compact and easy to travel with. Comfy for babies between the ages of 6 mos and 2 years, and don't forget to squeeze the squeaky duck beak!

Leachco Bath n Bumper

If you've got a child who's a bit too young to free style round the tub, this little number is an excellent alternative. No matter how big your tub, this comfy little bumper will create a 'tub in a tub' for your baby. The bottom of the bumper is slip-free and when you're not using it you can hang it up to dry via the hook on the underside. Made from polyester and filled with polystyrene beads.

Kirby Inflatable Tub

This little bathtub is similar to previous model, except that this one needs to be inflated and it's made from non-phthalate vinyl. When it's not in use you can hang it up for a drip dry and it also comes with its own draining system.

Snug Tub Baby Tub

This little Snug Tub baby tub can be suctioned to your bathtub floor or wall. It's got a draining system and is portable for when the family is traveling. The company recommends it for babies who can already sit up on their own (unassisted) up through 2 years of age. You do need to inflate it but once it's ready you can simply hang dry it after bath time.


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    • profile image

      Laura Campbell 7 years ago

      I also have the "bath Duck" lol. Sorry that's what we say at bathtime. It's much safer than the tub itself, but my son is a bit leary of it. I think it scares him a bit, so it takes a bit of coaxing to get him in it. Once he's in, he's fine and having fun. When you press the duck's beek, it quacks. I think that's more what bothers him. lol

    • profile image

      Eva 7 years ago

      The Duck is great. My daughter was reluctant to give it up even when so was too big for it. She really enjoyed it. Well worth buying. I believe it was only $10.00 at Target. she puts her toys in it now.

    • jim10 profile image

      jim10 8 years ago from ma

      We had the Kirby one with the frogs and it worked out great. Well until he got older and started climbing out of it. The duck looks cool. I never saw that one before.