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Kids These Days!! The Truth Behind This

Updated on May 18, 2020

Isolation wasn’t a problem to many of the modern days kids because they’ve got all they need. Let me list them out for you

  1. Mobile phone
  2. Laptop
  3. Internet

Well that’s all.

Here is a short story about Vanessa. Vanessa was 5.4ft with long blonde hair and a cheerful smile. She made everyone’s day brighter like a rainbow across the sky. She was as you might expect a top choice among the teenage boys.

Jason the most popular boy in school decided to invite Vanessa over for dinner while she refused stating that she had to study for her college finals.

Her most trusted friends started calling her a nerd. She had no one to turn to and she found herself guilty for studying for long hours and getting the best grades. Vanessa got into one of the best universities but a small memory of how everyone pushed her away because she wanted to build a career never left her mind. Vanessa secretly admired Jason who of course never looked at her and one day decided to throw her notes outside the college room window as a prank.

Vanessa decided to give up on her studies and surprisingly there was no one who tried to stop her. All her friends were busy scrolling down social media feeds finding faults in every person they see and complaining about how easy it is to become something they are not.

What did Vanessa do?

What would you do? Well we all chose the easy roads and that is the road of bringing down the person next to you so you can be in the top. Criticizing every little detail about people has created a major trust issue among modern teenagers.

Girls with comfortable outfits are considered weird.

Boys when they decide to follow their dreams and study to achieve their goals are considered weird

You party together and give up on each other within hours - betrayal, disloyalty, dishonest.

You skip a class and your classmates pretend to not have learnt anything so that you can go one step below

The friends that said they’ll have your back complained about you to the principle and you left college because of something you never did

Boys taken on girls like they are Toys

Girls assuming boys have no feelings hence playing with them is fantastic

Is your daughter enjoying life alone?

This is because her friends betrayed her. Her friends, her chosen family laughed at her behind her back. They wanted her to fail smiling to her face yet planned for days to watch her fail.

Is your son avoiding gatherings?

Well why hangout with unrealistic people. He enjoys his own company and he is working for his goals alone because sharing them is leading to everyone avoiding contact with him for the rest of his life.

What happened to real friendships. What happened to the days we partied hard and still managed to get punished together or the days where pranks resulted in bonding of a class rather than pushing everyone to the corners.

What happened to the days where life was about happiness and not a competition.

© 2020 Sammani Galagamaarachchi


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