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Updated on August 2, 2011


When life is simple    Photo by Stephan
When life is simple Photo by Stephan

WINGS by b. Malin

I've often thought if I could fly, I'd fly away from trouble.

When the weather became too cold or damp, I'd take off to a land of Sun and Fun and Laughter.

It must be such a great sensation to spread your wings and fly or just circle the sky on high.

I wonder if birds are a different breed of people. Do they have "Social Classes," and causes? Or do they just circle the sky in search of food, and sunshine, while seeking shelter from the cold, knowing when to fly south.

Do they really care about their young when they seem so eager to "push" them from the nest.

Or are we humans too protective and afraid to let our own stretch their wings and fly?


The following Poetry is dedicated to those times as parents that we want to have all the right answers.


I know it is not easy being the youngest my son, for I was once the youngest too. You have an older brother, I have an older sister.

I, through half my childhood, walked in her shadow, sometimes even being called by "her name," until I sometimes wondered if I really had a name of my own?

I always thought her to be, Brighter, Nicer, more Popular than I could ever hope to be. A part of "me" was very much a part of her. Was it a case of "hero worship", and would it always be?

I see you now as I saw me then, and I want to pull you close and tell you how very Special YOU are. You might have been born second, but you are not second in my heart!

I will not kid you and say that life will be easier for you, because I know that you already know better. But try to see yourself as my "last child". There will be no more....So your accomplishments will be "Extra Special" to me.

I don't expect the hurt and the guilt you feel now to disappear overnight. It happens slowly, as you will find, as you grow older. The "gap" in your ages will close.

You both will have different lives, careers, and marriages (I hope!) of your own.

Someday you may have to take this poem out from it's "special place" and give it to someone you love, being your own child, or nephew, or niece, to comfort them. For the cycle will have started again.



To my oldest, my first born, my love child....tell me what is troubling you?

I know it is not easy to be "grown up". Some of us never make it. Sometimes I wonder if I have! There seems to be a restlessness and unhappiness hanging over you most of the time.

I, as your mother, know that you really don't mean half the nasty or sarcastic remarks that flow so quickly from your tongue, and in my mind I make excuses because these are your "teenage years."

I know when I see the tears that flow from your handsome blue eyes, that you want to undue the hurt that you have inflicted.

I used to cry with you, remember? But somehow, as you must have noticed the other night, I could not. The tears would not come...but that does not mean that my heart did not ache for you just the same.

Remember two years ago, when we thought you had an illness, but thank god the doctors were wrong. Your "crazy mother" made a pact with the Devil, my life for yours I would have gladly given.

You are fine, I am fine, we won that battle that could have been a big one! I cried a river then. I haven't forgotten, have you?

I am so proud of you! So let's hug, give a kiss, we can't miss!

I wish for you my son, a Long Healthy Life, Rich and Rewarding....nothing spared. And all I'm asking in return, is to give "Love" back, and to "Laugh" a little more at Yourself, and others will laugh with you!


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    • b. Malin profile image

      b. Malin 5 years ago

      Hi Peggy,

      When my boys were growing up, I never compared them, but Teachers do. I loved them for their individualities. I tried to Express that to each of them.

      Thanks so much Peggy, for looking at some of my earlier Hubs, I used to do a lot of Poetry and this style of writing. Thanks for reading, and of course your Votes and Tweeting.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 5 years ago from Houston, Texas

      These letters to your sons are beautiful and from the heart. It also puts a stamp date on them which hopefully they will enjoy in the years to come. I guess our birth order does create different circumstances for each of us and it is important for the children to understand that their parents love each child for the special and unique person that they are. Up votes and tweeting.

    • b. Malin profile image

      b. Malin 6 years ago

      Thank You so much Ahorseback for taking the time to do this...I too am doing the same thing Re:checking out a lot of writings that I've missed.

    • ahorseback profile image

      ahorseback 6 years ago

      Wow , how have I missed your writings , this is awesome , forgive me for neglecting you?.....:-}

    • b. Malin profile image

      b. Malin 7 years ago

      Thank you for getting and understanding my work. Stephan takes some great photo's

      and they always seem to go along so perfectly with what I am trying to express.

    • profile image

      Judy 7 years ago

      very much from the heart and I loved the photo