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Laptop Backpack Features

Updated on December 29, 2011
Mobile Edge Laptop BackPack
Mobile Edge Laptop BackPack
Laptop Backpack for 17 inch screens
Laptop Backpack for 17 inch screens

Laptop Backpack

Here are five things to remember when looking to buy a laptop backpack for school or work. There are so many different features available on the market so take the time to evaluate the different backpack solutions that are available for laptops, netbooks, iPad's or whatever computer device you carry around with you.

  • Size of the laptop compared to the bag / backpack – This is common sense however the companies producing the bags and the way the stores market products it is always best to really make sure the size is correct or you might be going back to the store. A bag that says it is 15 inches wide might be that size, however not able to adequately fit a laptop with a 15 inch screen. Looking for a netbook bag this is even more important as the sizes can vary due to the many options on the market.
  • Is their sufficient padding – A laptop backpack should be full of padding. Some laptop bags come with only a thin layer of padding and this is not sufficient for some individuals that do a lot of traveling. Laptop bags do have options for much tougher outer shells while they are very protective for the most rigorous of activities they comfort and style factor does diminish and they can be difficult to carry.
  • Protective Sleeves for Apple iPad and netbook PC’s – A protective sleeve cover that goes over an iPad or netbook allows you to carry your computer device in your regular school backpack while protecting your tablet computer computer.
  • Locks and Security Features – To prevent being an easy target avoid laptop only branded bags and make sure to utilize security zipper and lock features if applicable. Some bags are very difficult to open if you are not the owner and do not possess the key thus resulting in limiting the likely hood your laptop bag would be stolen.
  • Extra accessories – Make sure that your laptop backpack has the extra space required to carry your peripherals like laptop charger, USB Mouse, etc. Some laptop bags are set up with nice little compartments for each item that the normal laptop user would carry with special attachments to keep them in place while on the move.

Mobile Edge makes several laptop backpacks that fit the needs of many different people. They have developed a special secure laptop backpack that is especially designed for people that have to travel a lot with their laptop or netbook. If you travel on public transportation like crowded subways having an extra secure bag gives you that extra peace of mind as you go about your day to and from work or school. There are several Mobile Edge laptop backpacks that provide ample space for a full size 17 inch screen laptop computer. These bags understand you will have power cords, USB devices, and provide all the necessary storage you may require including space for an MP3 player or CD player so you can listen to music on your walk.

Another cool option from Mobile Edge is the Scan Fast Check Point Friendly laptop backpack seen in the area above with available laptop backpacks of this page from This bag has an easy access pouch that the laptop sits in that makes pulling out the laptop at the airport security checkpoint a breeze. This is handy as you can pull your laptop out quickly place it on the tray and focus on everything else you need to remove from your body so that the metal detector does not go off and you have to enjoy a nice pat down from the TSA or an intrusive body scan at the airport.

Depending on the types of situations that you are in during your daily routine there is a laptop backpack or laptop bag on the market that will suit your needs.

Laptop Backpack Vs. Laptop Bag

Which one do you prefer for carrying your laptop?

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Special iPad Backpacks

The iPad is quickly becoming a must have device for many different people from students to professionals. Having a backpack that is suited specifically for the iPad can help you in your commute to and from work as well as walking around town, even if you are just out with your friends having the pad with you means you have access to so much information that you want to keep it with you rather than leave it in the car at home, but it is still a tablet computer so can be awkward to just carry in some situations. Check out the following bag made by Belkin the well known accessory company that makes lots of iphone and ipad accessories has come out with a unique backpack that sole feature is that it is the best solution for carrying around an iPad on your back. Kensington also makes there sling bag which is a nice option as well depending on your preferred style one of these bags should be the right fish for you.


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