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Large Family Support

Updated on July 17, 2015

Making the choice to have a large family can be hard for more reasons then most understand. We know going into it that financially and emotionally a lot will be expected. After the first few children we understand the amount of patience and individual attention the children will need. What you don't expect having a large family is the way your family reacts to your choice to have a lot of children.

When most people say they are expecting people are overwhelmed with joy and support for the couple expecting. When you have a large family and you tell your family your expecting it's like your family feels sorry for you. I consider each one of my children a blessing not a curse. It's also very frustrating when people make jokes about your pregnancy like I wasnt aware of how I got pregnant. Sometimes I just want to tell everyone to kiss my butt with every pregnancy crazy hormone growing inside of me.

Currently I'm expecting my sixth child and my Father crushed me today talking about my daughter. I'm in the process of moving, 30 weeks pregnant and trying to be super Mom. I want to do things I'm physically unable to do which doesn't help when you already feel worthless when you're so big. I sucked up my pride and asked my Father for some help moving since the swelling in my feet is telling me to slow down. My Father's remark to me was "you got yourself pregnant which is the worst possible thing you could have done".

What people don't understand when they make horrible comments about your unborn child is how much it hurts the Mother. I'm not asking for you to come over and help my breastfeed, change diapers or even hold the new blessing I'm about to receive. When things like this are said it makes me feel like my child won't be accepted and is already unloved by people who should have unconditional love for her. Needless to say after a conversation like this a pregnant Mother can be found crying in the ice cream section of the supermarket.

I came home spending the next few hours eating my ice cream and trying to figure out if it's my hormones or if the comment was really that cruel. I end up texting and calling some friends who justify my need to cry and suck it up to listen to me cry again. I want to enjoy my pregnancy like any other Mother and I know how much I will love my baby your approval is not needed. I want to put a sign on me that says negativity will be responded to with crazy pregnancy hormones and shelter should be close by you.

After all of this I'm still blessed to be able to have this beautiful girl be apart of my nice sized famiky and I know how much we will love her. My daughters will braid my hair tonight, help me eat my ice cream and that's all I need tonight anyways. Please be carefuk with your comments to pregnant women because words hurt and you can't take them back.

Would you be offended by negative comments about your large family?

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