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Learn Baby Sign Language

Updated on February 26, 2014

When To Start Baby Sign Language

As a parent I'm sure you have had your frustrating moments when you weren't able to communicate with your child. Or more importantly when you child has not be able to communicate with you. Not knowing what your child wants maybe frustrating but it can also be scary. However there is a solution to this problem and that can be found with baby sign language. There are a number of different programs available today that can help you understand your baby's needs when using this method.

Children are able to understand sign language at about six month but it is usually around seven or eight months that that take more notice of the signs and can begin to sign back. This is a great way for both baby and parents to bond with each other through a different form of communication.

Studies have shown that parents don't need to be concerned that their child's speech development might be affected because of learning sign language. On the contrary, research has found that children often develop even better language skills and as well have an easier time at learning a second language.

Baby Sign Language DVDs

Benefits of Baby Sign Language

There can be a lot of benefit in teaching your child sign language. Many studies have been done on this subject and researchers found that children who use signing develop a higher IQ.

There are lots of programs to choose from if you want to start signing with your child and the good news is that you don't have to have any prior knowledge. Learning along with your child can be fun and rewarding at the same time. One important thing to note is that you need to say the word when you introduce a sign to your child and you need to be consistent which means doing this repeatedly day in and day out. It is also important that you have family members or other care givers learn to sign with your child as well.

Most parents prefer to use a conventional sign language, such as the American Sign Language. It is perfectly find to invent your own signs if you want but just remember that this can make it harder for other people to interact with your child.

In order to learn this new skill, you will need a book or DVD or possibly even flashcards; all of which are available online or at most book stores.

Baby Sign Language Research

More and more parents are using baby sign language as a way to communicate with their child at an early age. The benefits: less frustration for parents and baby!


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