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Learning toys for toddlers

Updated on December 13, 2015

Toddlers are at a time in their life when their minds absorb anything and everything that goes on around them. What they learn can affect how they perform for the rest of their lives. Getting the right learning toys for your toddler can give them a head start in their critical early development.

You as a parent are the most important factor in your toddler’s early development. It is important that you both teach your toddler directly and encourage them to learn and experience new things on their own.

What to look for in learning toys for toddlers
Keep in mind that they are developing very quickly, at this age, so a toy that is appropriate for a two year old toddler might not challenge a three year old enough.

In order for your toddler to spend enough time with a learning toy to fully benefit from it, they have to enjoy playing with the toy. Toddlers like toys that have sound, that are bright or flickers and demonstrate cause and affect. The toys need to challenge the toddlers mind without being so difficult as to frustrate them.

LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table
This is one of the most popular learning toys for toddlers, with parents. Every toddler should have a few musical toys. This one packs in a lot of musical and motor skill learning into one toy.

The table is appropriate for toddlers from age one and a half all the way up to three years. It great at developing your toddler’s problem solving skills, with many levers and buttons for them to push and play with.

Play mat
This play mat won’t just help protect your toddler from hurting themselves when they fall over. It’s also an alphabetical and numerical puzzle.

Classic block toy

This is that classic toy where your toddler put’s the shapes through a similarly shaped hole. This toy is for younger toddlers around one to two years of age. Toddlers get a real sense of accomplishment when they are able to get all the blocks into the container. At this age it helps your toddlers hand eye coordination quite a bit.

60 piece building block toy
This one is for older toddlers around 3 years. For the price this is the highest quality building block set that you are going to find. Toddlers can literally play for hours without getting tired of this great toy. Really takes their understanding of objects, in three dimensions, to the next level.

I highly recommended this learning toy for toddlers.


This is a high quality easel and paint set. Perfect for budding young artists. The set is for older toddlers around three years of age. It comes with spill proof cups and is quick and easy to setup and use.

Books with moving parts
There are a number of these books, you pull on a little flap and the page stands up. Pick one which with bright colors and which will prompt your toddler to ask some questions. They make really fun before bed time books. Here are some great lift-the-flap books.

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learning toys for toddlers
learning toys for toddlers


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    • anjalichugh profile image

      anjalichugh 8 years ago from New York

      I love these hubs. I had a toddler long time ago in my house he's a young adult. Seems like yesterday! I still love looking at toys, though. Thx for sharing.