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Lindsay J Baums Cans Alert Issued updated to Amber Alert

Updated on July 5, 2009

Cans Alert Issued upgraded to Amber Alert

 A Cans Alert has been issued to Lindsay J Baums, age ten, white female weighing 90 lbs and 4'9". She was last seen leaving the home of a playmate in Mcleary Washington.

MCleary Washington is a small town of 1500 people. She does not have a history of running away. When she left home she took no money, clothes or her cell phone.

A cans Alert has been issued instead of an Amber Alert because they believe that there was no foul play involved. Although it is her third day missing.

The FBI is helping in this case and they alone with volunteers are searching for Lindsay.

A Cans Alert is issued when there is no evidence of foul play but they child is still missing.

"I'm thinking : no foul play, are you serious? I went to high school with more people than live in that small town and no one seen a thing?

Lindsay J Baums


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