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Living in my car

Updated on September 26, 2009

motherhood today

My car needs to be cleaned. I am totally aware of that. But I need to stop driving it long enough to do that. What to take out? Not the soccer chairs, I will need those for the two games I will be going to this weekend, plus the three soccer practices. What about the magazines? No, they keep my oldest son, who has asperger syndrome, calm, thus preventing a huge fight between all three children, while I am trying to naviagate through traffic to get to wherever we are going to next on time. How about the little cooler that I keep the drinks in? Now, that is just plain silly, I have to take it out everyday twice a day to refill it with fresh drinks, so taking that out to clean the car, ha! Maybe Kaitlyn's little dolls? Again, why would I even look for problems? The same can be said of the pencils, pens and crayons that reside in the back pocket of the drivers seat, since so many days we are doing homework in the car, we simply cannot part with the school supplies. But I do have to empty something out so that I can vaccuum in here and clean up the coffee spills since I rarely drink a cup of coffee anywhere but in my car. After I drop the children off at the three different schools they attend, there are errands to run while I am alone because no way do I want to go to the grocery store, pharmacy or clothing stores with three children in tow. Sometimes I have to go to work, so then I have to put my make up on in the car, because, what mother has time to do that at home? I have my cell phone charger always in the car because I am out so much, I definitely need to charge the phone in the car. Then I have to pick everyone up, spend a brief period at home before heading out to soccer practice, basketball practice, Boy Scouts, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Counseling,(remember my oldest child has aspergers syndrome) doctor's appointments, open school, play dates, the library, birthday parties, and anywhere else we may have to go, you just never know! So what happens when my car breaks down? It isn't pretty. I am homeless. I am miserable. I am begging for rides. Then the people who are kind enough to offer find out how many places me and three other people have to be taken to and the bonds of friendship and family are tested. I am irritable, I need my car. What about walking, you say, or taking the bus? Yes, I have tried those things, but it doesn't work when you have 15 minute intervals in between where the children have to be. My feet don't go that fast and neither do the buses. So whenever I can, I take a walk while the children are practicing, to feel the wind in my hair and my feet on the ground rather than on the brake or the gas is a wonderful feeling. Someday I will move out of my car, someday my children will grow up. But right now, I am content to live in the car, as long as they are with me.


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    • Leptirela profile image

      Leptirela 7 years ago from I don't know half the time

      wow! amazed

      Good hub :)

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 8 years ago from London, UK

      Lol. Totally understand you. Sometimes a car can be like a mini-house. :)

    • MikeNV profile image

      MikeNV 8 years ago from Henderson, NV

      When you break an article into smaller paragraphs and use headlines and a bit of bold it make them a whole lot easier to read.