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Living with your parents, when you are a parent.

Updated on July 15, 2015

Moving BACK IN with your parents

Let's be honest, it can be embarrassing.

You started life early and had a baby at a young age. You want to do it on your own, you tell yourself you will never live with your parents again because... you are a parent. You are supposed to provide for your child instead of your parents providing for you and your child.

Hence, the reason Blake and I moved out. He bought me a beautiful diamond ring and proposed in the kitchen of our new apartment after giving me a sewing machine. We had her nursery set up and the rest of the house was basically empty. All we cared about was giving her the best. Sure, some of it was hand-me-down but it was all in tip top shape and OURS.

Now, it is a year later and I have wrecked our shiny brand new car, we've moved again (renting from someone I have known for years), we've had jobs, lost them and gotten new ones. We are starting talk about moving back in with Blake's parents. It is not a hard decision, it's just one we don't want to make.

Reasons to move back in with Mom and Dad:

1. You need to save money.

2. You need some one available to watch your child while you work or go to school.

3. You simply can't afford to live on your own.

There are not many reasons for us, we simply need to save money.

We can afford to live on our own, it just brings SO MUCH STRESS.

We do struggle and we can make it on our own, but it is time to swallow our pride and accept a little help to better our futures.

I encourage you to think about more than just what you want and think about what you NEED! What can you do right now that will better your future?

My little family.
My little family.

Tips for living with your parents/in laws

Know what they like and don't like. Seriously. You are in their house. If you want to keep them happy, know what they expect of you. Also, know that things you do are going to drive them crazy, just like the things they do can bother you.

Household chores, buying any specific things (groceries, laundry detergent etc). Basically, wash your own dishes, do your own laundry, and don't leave things laying around. I believe that basically covers the cleaning part..

If they expect you to pay and help out with bills, talk about what you can afford and when you can pay them. Make sure they know that you understand what is expected of you and you will do your best to make that happen.

Do anything you can to avoid drama. Don't talk trash about people (especially not other family members) with them, even if they are saying it to you. Truth be told, if they say it too you and you don't talk trash back (or even if you do), they are probably saying it about you, too. That's just people, family, friends, everyone. You can sympathize, but I don't suggest jumping in with them to talk about others. Maybe, that's because I don't like to talk about others for no reason. Blake and I tell each other what we think, speak our piece and move on. Usually, we are thinking the same thing, or we give one another some insight to a situation that the other person didn't know was there.

The hardest thing to do: tell your parents (or in-laws) how to be with your children. They raised you (your fiancé), you(they) turned out just fine, right? That's what they think and it can be true, but you want to do things differently with your children. You don't want them to eat fast food or even processed food. You want to use Huggies and they are constantly telling you "Luvs are just as good". The list obviously goes on. You do what you feel comfortable with. Do not do anything that makes you uncomfortable just because someone else says it will be fine. Maybe instead of telling your parents (or in laws) how to be with your children, you should show them by the way you and your partner act with your child.

This can be such a touchy subject; PLEASE, share with me your stories about what bothers you or a time your parents/in-laws may have crossed the line! You may feel better after a little vent!(;

Do you still live or have you lived with your parents after the baby?

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