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Look out! My child did What?

Updated on August 19, 2016

It's "Head Spinning" time!

Oh, my, the things my child has said. Shouldn't there be a Reality show about that? If not, when are they creating one?

There are many times when we feel as though our best is just not good enough but, what about those moments when our teenager does something that makes: Our Head Spin around in 360 degree's!? I've had my share of those for sure, yet I emplore my spirit to not sit on what I've mastered, to not sit and sulk in bitterness over the last horrid statement that comes quickly to memory. Because that won't bring about anything good.

A happy moment a few years back with my 1st born child, who did alot of: testing moms instincts when she was a toddler!
A happy moment a few years back with my 1st born child, who did alot of: testing moms instincts when she was a toddler! | Source

Cool Tips for any parent to use

Here are 4 cool tips that you can use (Right Now!) when your young one makes your head roll:

  1. Take a Deep Breath. Now you know what I'm talking about, not that little: sigh type of deep breath (Oh!)
  2. Breath in and out smoothly, for a 30 seconds to a minute. This helps tremendously! With releasing tension & frustration that builds up.
  3. Counting to 10 never hurt anyone who was in the middle of jumping the gun. How about you try it, and if you already do, try it intentionally more!
  4. Take a step back and tell your young one that you are taking a breather or time out, both work well! This is where you go to your room or to your place that you go to in your home to relax & have them rest in their room watching a movie or in the living room watching a movie.

In Closing, I am Blessed to be a Parent

*As a parent, I feel blessed to do have been able and capable to perform the job of being a Mom. Fantastic Mother, Supermom & Victorious Mom all surround my subconscious memory of words spoken by others around me for so many years. Yes, that is right. It is actual, factual and a reality. I have been and am continually told this on a regular basis, as well as being shocked, that I'm typing it here. Oh, my! Surely, there have been times when I've felt far from that description. But the invaluable moments in time & the treasured memories captured make those memories of doubt fade away quickly.

***Thank you for reading my HubPost! Now, will you please take a minute to vote on my Poll below? A sincere thanks. Respectfully, Sapphireid

My child did What!?

Which of the Two options, listed below, will make your "Head Spin" as a parent?

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