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Looking at Both Sides

Updated on September 2, 2017

School Bullying

I have been concerned with school bullying for quite some time. According to the U.S. Justice Department, 160,000 children a day stay home from school for fear of being bullied. One in four children will be bullied in school. This is unacceptable and the spread of hate in this country needs to stop. People are not born to hate, sadly it is something that is taught to them. Many times by their parents. Many times the parents are unknowingly the cause, such as the case in my novella, Out of the Darkness.

Out of the Darkness, is a fictional novella that I feel I needed to write. I look at the side of the bully and the side of the victim. I don't feel that all bullies are bad people, but something in their life is causing them to go down the wrong path.

Out of the Darkness, is the story of a girl, Susan Longhorn, that enters a new school. From the very beginning she is tormented by, Jane Tyler and a couple of her friends. Susan had a face full of freckles and walked with a limp, that was all Jane needed to bully her. Tommy James liked Susan from the start and protected her as much as he could, but Jane finally did a criminal act that could not be ignored..

God enters the life of Jane, her friends, her parents, and others. God physically shows everyone that Jane's parents are the cause of her bullying. Jane changes her life dramatically.

By writing this novella, I want to show people that although this is a work of fiction, bullying like this goes on in our schools every day. It should be read by students, parents, and teachers.

Out of the Darkness is available as a paperback or ebook editions.

Copyright Larry W. Fish 2017


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    • Larry Fish profile image

      Larry W Fish 3 months ago from Raleigh

      I was hoping to get this novella into schools. I wrote to 70+ school districts all over the country and sent out free copies to several school districts. None have decided to accept the novella into their schools. Why, they never told me, but I know it is because I used God as a central character and schools shy away from any mention of God in today's society. I am saddened that school districts turned away from using it.

    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 3 months ago from sunny Florida

      Hopefully your written contribution will serve to help others see how serious bullying is and how important it is that we address the issue. Angels are once again on the way ps

    • MarleneB profile image

      Marlene Bertrand 4 months ago from Northern California, USA

      This is a wonderful introduction to a book that sounds like one a lot of people could learn from.