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~ Love Has Everything to Do With Everything! ~

Updated on August 2, 2021
DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

Pastoral Counselor ordained Elder/Minister Ambassador at Alpha 7 Ministries M.A.Christian Clinical Counseling &Certified in CreationTherapy


Love Has Everything To Do With Everything

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

I am really beginning to enjoy this new experience of hubbing. It is a great way to communicate, experience and express oneself to a wider diverse audience. I have also thoroughly enjoyed traveling, the different cultures and customs have been enlightening. I have been blessed to be able to travel and see a lot of the world. By God's marvelous grace we have been a able to visit and experience many marvelous places as well as many places of worship. We have journeyed far and near to share, teach, proclaim and live out loud the Word of God.

For me traveling together with my husband has been wonderful. We have been many places. From Greece to Spain, Mexico, Jamaica, Canada, Aruba, Turkey, Bahamas, England, Switzerland, Rome, Paris and on and on… Together we have enjoyed some wondrous sites. I have attended many different worship services all over the world. God truly is good. He makes all the difference in the world in one's life!

Traveling has really expanded my perspective as well as perception and appreciation for life. The computer is a marvelously wondrous tool. When you can't travel for whatever reason you can take a virtual trip via the internet. You can sit there and virtually travel the world without going anywhere. However, via the keyboard and occasionally adjusting your position you can go all over the world. I have learned so much by observing and experiencing the cultures of many people.

I want to share a delightful experience I had recently. This thought kept coming to mind. “What’s Love got to do with it? I now know it has everything to do with Everything! I just attended a marvelous, remarkably charming youthful social event. It was a coming out “Purity Tea.” My little granddaughter who just turned ten (10) excitedly extended the invitation. Each young lady participating was able to invite three (3) guests. There was a total of ten (10) girls in attendance they were all breathtakingly beautiful in their own special way. All individually arrayed with their favorite unique outfit and beaming with enthusiasm from head to toe, each crowned in a gleaming princess style tiara. It was so enchantingly refreshing!

For the last several weeks they have been joyfully gathering together and reading and discussing this lovely colorful book called “The Princess Kiss.” Sharing intimate stories along with their Mom’s and peers, discussing the significance of purity in relationships. The book is filled with beautiful illustrations portrayed in the traditional classic fairy tale style manner. It is a wonderful little chronicle about a Queen and King who loved their daughter even before she was born. They were so very happy of the thought of becoming parents! They finally have a beautiful daughter and raise her to be a princess with values and morals...

One day the parents present their daughter with a precious invaluable gift from God. It is a pleasant must read! I won't spoil it so be sure to read it! The story is really about the ageless beauty of how true love comes from a pure heart! The special precious gift the Queen and King were safely saving for their little princess as she grew up was her very first kiss!

Each Mom had gotten together the night before and marvelously transformed the multipurpose room at church into an exquisite enchanting mystical wonderland. Each girl was presented with a lavishly decorated jewel crested box of memories and adornments placed by their decorated place settings. The ten delicately appointed tables were garnished in Sparkling Linens adorned with China and Crystal stemware, Flowers and Luminous Butterflies. They collectively had also prepared a banquet of delectable appetizing treats and sweets fit for the princesses. The presentation was lovingly prepared. Each Mom had composed and wrote an endearing letter to their daughters expressing their sentiments as a collaged video played harmoniously in the background. The various scenes of each of the girl’s childhood events scrolling in the background from infancy to now in both touching as well as comical poignant memorable moments. Each girl was also presented with a silver necklace adorned with an antique silver keepsake, filigree box locket. This would be a lasting reminder of their promise to save their first kiss...

Laughter, hugs, smiles and joyful teary misty eyes of happiness were evident throughout the room!

What’s love got to do with it?” Today amidst all the going ons in our world today, it was refreshing to see that at this moment these young ladies had chosen to preserve a fading tradition. It was all about abstinence! To set aside some time to celebrate saving their first kiss for that special someone. What a wonderful love filled occasion. This day will forever be etched in their memories as well as mine. If you have a daughter or granddaughter, son or grandson this book is a great way to approach the delicate subject. “The Princess Kiss” is told in a way that brings tears to the idea of “purity.”

It is important to not let this just be another occassion to be a part of the group! Don't just go through the motions but let this be a start of opening the lines of communication with your child. Your child is unique so you want them to feel good about themselves as an individual and embrace who they are now and the potential to achieve and do great things. They have been created for a unique purpose! You can help them immensely by creating a healthy, loving, constructive home environment that will nurture them to grow & flourish in this complicated world we live in...

They really do need good healthy role models!

In this 21st century when young girls and boys are presented with so much peer pressure to do some of everything… The message says that true love is possible and it is still worth waiting for. Or in this tale of the “First Kiss” the Queen and the King keep it locked up safely in the tower of the castle. It is so very important to "KEEP the lines of COMMUNICATION open with your Children & Teens!" It was nice to see that there are still some girls, or should I say young up and coming ladies, that still think that they want to save their “First Kiss” for that special someone they are to marry. In this day in age they need all the love and support they can muster. I pray she stays strong! They face many difficult challenges everyday... It is also my prayer that they will all wait someday until they meet that special someone. I Timothy 1:5 says: "The goal of this command is love, which comes from a pure heart and good conscience and a sincere faith..." Now, that’s what love has to do with it!


© 2009 Elder DeBorrah K Ogans


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