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Magical Santa Letters

Updated on October 23, 2009

Christmas Memories and Traditions

Do your children believe in Santa? Or, have you discouraged their imagination and magical Christmas fantasies by telling them that Santa is not real and he never existed? In my opinion, there are more damaging issues in the world today, that believing in Santa.

Throughout the Christmas season, many children write letters to Santa to express their wishes, and to let Santa know that they've been good all year long. Writing letters to Santa Claus has been a tradition for many children. When they receive a letter from Santa, excitement and fond memories of childhood holidays are created, and will be passed on to their own children, in the future. Traditionally, a child will write a wish list or letter to Santa outlining the gifts they would like to receive and detailing how they have fulfilled their own duties as a “good” child this past year.

Today, Christmas seems to be associated with materialism instead of what the holiday is founded on. Writing a Christmas letter and waiting, in anticipation, for an answer can be more exciting than running out and buying toys for instant gratification.

But, no one can disagree that a surprise letter from Santa can make a child's day. Watching their eyes light up when you hand them letter post-marked from the North Pole, and be the highlight of anyone' day.

Santa letters are available as free downloads from your computer, and can be tailored to suit a particular child. The letter can include recognition of his or her accomplishments, or refer to the list of wants and wishes that the child has mentioned in their original letter. The are countless options to customize letters from Santa, and can be a, seemingly, simple gesture, but is one that will be remembered for all time.

Christmas should be a magical for children, and a time to enjoy the wonders and delights of the season. Santa letters add to holiday excitement, and make your child feel special. The letter can be placed under the tree, or on the emptied cookie tray, so that it will be the first thing your child finds on Christmas morning. It's a simple and easy little gift, that will light up a child's face with wonder and anticipation.

Santa letters and Christmas are symbolic to the holiday. Family and Christmas magic endures lifetimes and memories for all time.


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    • Godslittlechild profile image

      Godslittlechild 8 years ago

      A very good idea! My mother took talcum powder and a stamp of a large paw and made bunny tracks on the carpet at Easter time for my kids and now for my grandkids we do the same.