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Maintaining Family Values in Today's Society

Updated on April 21, 2017

Built on the strongest factor in life #Love

Family is Divinely Organized

  • Family First
  • The #family #institution is the first and most important foundation built on God's idea of marriage. The family is the leading institution in any society, as it is the first institution put in place by The Creator with responsibility to maintain moral principles. In this divine institution the value of human lives are enclosed and trusted into the care of responsible young couples who have no clue of what destiny holds for their offspring.


The making of a family & parenting
The making of a family & parenting

Joy of Parenting

  • To each family is given equal privileges to share the joys of welcoming their newborn into this world, to feel the thrill of taking the first gaze into the face of an infant is overwhelming. To touch the flesh of your own flesh signifies maturity and the taking on of responsibility for that life; you will seek to instill such values that are worthwhile and eternal.
  • As the natural instinct goes into play to care and protect this young life, you begin contributing to the writing of the destiny of this child's life; what you put into this developing mind, body and soul is what it will become, that also will be your contribution to society and the universe. Parents are given a limited amount of years to mold the lives of their children while providing care for them, this trust should not be taken lightly.

The Family Institution

Family upbringing
Family upbringing

The Traditional Family

  • The traditional family consists of a man and a woman and children being born to them; that is God's order and should be kept sacred unto Him. It is important that this traditional principle be taught to every generation to protect the sacredness and the moral principles which govern humanity. Failure to pay attention to the decline in these morals is sure to result to severe consequences.
  • The power of choice is given to each individual to use at his/her own will, you determine your own course in life once you come to maturity, it is you who choose your path, irrespective of what others may desire of you, what you want is what you will go after and what you may have.
  • Community development is based on the occupancy of families whose work habits and lifestyle determines the type of society they lead. Adequate consideration is given to the type of educational institutions we provide in certain community, the programs we prioritize in, and even the pre requisite to participate. We set standards to purge the wanted from the unwanted, we are conscious of whom our neighbours are we look for trust and comfort and a certain level of security in our environment

Home training V classroom training

Moral Breakdown

  • These qualities are less likely to be found where there is a breakdown of good moral principles and healthy family practices. Families create environment with the habits they form and establish in the home and social gatherings; some bad habits are easily picked up from people who have influence in certain environment, some are perpetuated through families and filtered into society, if it is bad it carries a bad effect and damage others. Just as it is easier to go downstream it seems easier to adapt a bad principle over that which is good.
  • The values of individual families will always differ but there are moral values that every family is meant to enjoy and benefit from in common. Overall, these principles are standard principles built into the family institution; any one person neglect these moral practices inevitably bring on consequences which are liable to affect all if left alone.
  • Teaching and training plays a significant role in the life of all humanity, basically everyone is programmed to learn all that they need to live in this world, it begins from infancy. Each timely lesson is a carving tool that shapes a character, the capability is given to responsible family members to shape their generation for the better, anything that generate for the worst is usually by choice of the individual at the time of maturity.
  • Notwithstanding, it is Biblical that training a child the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart is assuring that good will resurface when evil challenges. Again the option to choose will always present itself for one to determine his course.

Values that matters

Social Family Values

  • Maintaining family values in society rests heavily on family people to instill family values in their children who hopefully intern should do the same to their generation. Preparing your children to handle themselves in social environment is equally essential as preparing a validictory speech; these are principles which help to polish a character and build self confidence. Rules must be established in families to maintain discipline and bring out qualities that are fitting for social gathering which also complement leadership in society.
  • To some families table ethics are valuable, those who are taught will learn that they eventually enjoy the benefits at formal gatherings, where having proper knowledge of in dept table settings, the how and when to use utensils, how to indicate you are finish eating, are qualities that contribute to your level of comfort when socializing. Considering this a basic principle that some dare to neglect, it is significantly necessary to save you some embarrassment.
  • There is always consequence violating family values that are important for living, neglect should not be an option since we all have the capacity to learn, if we do not embrace good principles we defeat ourselves to our own hurt.
  • Violating the principles of God leads to violating home principle and the principles of all other governments. Violation subject one to paying a fine or imprisonment. Likewise violation of Godly principles imprisons the soul until the fine of repentance is paid and forgiveness is experienced.

Preserving Family Values

Your Parental Values

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