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Making Your Own One-Handed Bottle Holder

Updated on August 11, 2009

Me using my invention

As a new mom, I"m looking pretty awful in this picture...but as you can see I have one hand free while happily feeding my newborn.
As a new mom, I"m looking pretty awful in this picture...but as you can see I have one hand free while happily feeding my newborn.


When your infant is a newborn, it's near to impossibly to hold them and give them a bottle using only one hand. This can cause parents some frustration because it'd be nice to be able to quiety feed your little one while also being able to use your other hand to work the remote or perhaps drink a soda or glass of water. Of course we all know it's dangerous to drink hot coffee in the morning while holding a baby. This very delimma sparked me to create a useful, albeit not very aestheically pleasing invention that worked like a charm. I'm going to share it with you. I found that I was able to use both the wider glass glass bottles from Born Free and the skinner bottles from Dr. Brown. I'm sure it'd work for anything. The wide bottles took some muscle to pull out of the hugger so I actually preferred using the skinny bottle. It didn't fit perfectly into the hugger, but it still worked just fine despite a loose fit.

Close up

It actually worked for me with skinner bottles as well.
It actually worked for me with skinner bottles as well.


  1. Obtain a hugger typically used for keeping a canned beverage cold, a peice of copper that you can bend, and a roll of duct tape.
  2. You'll need to make a tube of duct tape that your copper will slide into. The easiest way to do this is to wrap it around a candle because it slides off fairly easy. After you have a nice thick and sturdy tube of duct tape, tape it onto the hugger. You'll need to consider which hand you use to feed the baby to decide just how you are going to attach it. You can see from my photo I feed her with my left hand.
  3. Bend the copper tubingĀ  into a loop that you feel you'll be able to grasp will with your hand. Also bend the tubing on the other end so that it is round and will fit neatly around the hugger.
  4. Now slide the copper into the duct tape tube. Hopefully you made your tube fairly long so that about 4-5 inches of the copper can slide in.
  5. Keep applying tape until you feel it's sturdy.
  6. Wala, you have yourself a nifty tool for feeding your infant. As they grow you'll probably not need this anymore. It became useless to me after she was about 4 months old because at that age you can hold them and feed them one handed pretty easily without any implements at all.


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      7 years ago

      How funny! I was just thinking about making something like this myself ( I have a 1 month old, and hate that I'm stuck when I feed him). I will definitely give this a try. Thanks for the idea!


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