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Mommy Woe's

Updated on August 17, 2016

The start

My husband and I both married pretty young, at least for our generation. We married at 21, after only dating for 4 months, we found out we were pregnant after only 4 months of being married. We were both excited as any new part could be. He went to every appointment, once he found that we were having a girl, I had never seen him smile so much, I knew she was going to be a daddy's girl. Once she was born I had never seen him happier. We had similar views on how to raise our children. We agreed that we would discuss discipline on a regular basis as she grew older to come up with new ways that would teach the lesson but also show her love. As she got older and times got harder we both had to work, and be going from stay at home mom to full time mom was hard. I feared everything would fall apart.

Getting older

As our youngest gets older and getting close to school age, we realize that being at home with them while they are there and work while they are school, is beneficial for both our daughters, both are very much Daddy's girls especially the youngest. I think that is mostly because I have become the disciplinarian. But when the girls need love or advice they come to me first. Of course my husband is okay with that. But he gets a little jealous at times when neither one wants to cuddle with him at bed time and they both want to cuddle with me. That is okay, when they do want to cuddle with him they do the same to me.

Life Goes On

Being Mommy and the disciplinarian is difficult, my husband and I have come to agreement on what is to be done with discipline, we use the talking method with our children, instead of spanking(last resort), we help them understand there feelings, help them express themselves, show them how to properly express what they are feeling. It is hard sometimes, but we get to the problem eventually. It takes a lot of patience, which I have learned to have a lot of. My husband and I also recently started taking foster care classes and we learned that when a child is misbehaving it is because they are acting out for a reason, they have a need that is not being met. They could need a hug, some time with mom or dad. It just depends and by talking with them you find that need that they are missing. Making it easier for the mommy woe's to be minimal.


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