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Good mornings, pleasant noons and rest well.

Updated on September 1, 2015

Dearest bongiwe.


Good mornings, pleasant noons and rest well.

Morning Dearest Bongiwe.

Hope you rested well.

I have been up all morning.

Googling paint and lights.

Just so I will not struggle to get a tenant, it

Is a priority.

It is also going to make my home amazing.

With the R2600 the first installment.

To paint 2 bedrooms red R750.

To paint lounge orange R750.

Bathroom and kitchen have tiles.

The wooden doors black R250.

And the wardrobe doors black R250.

And two lights 1500.

What you think?

I am meeting KB for breakfast.

Have Amazing Days.

Morning Dearest Bongiwe.

A pleasant noon.

Rest well.

The sweetest of dreams.

Happy morning.

Good food.




Maintaining accumulating assets and knowledge.

Growing and nourishing your beauty, as well as the dreams of your soul.

To life being kind.

Being in the right place for opportunities to manifest, and bring to life

realms of a prosperous reality within reason.

Asking relevant questions.

Generating wealth.

Multiplying currency and revenues of attaining space and time.

Living comfortably.



Having endless cherish able moments.

Reflecting on a prominent memory, past and present.

Have Amazing Days.

Love and embrace circumstances.

Hope manifest and rest well.

Show your dearest ones they are love.

Treasure self.

Please always make Nkgwete, conscious, that I adore Him spiritually, materially and


Ps Please allow Pheko to know and realize from the depths of my heart

I Dad Jabu Black Dillinger and Mum Acoustic Joyce Angel

We Adore him, for his presence in our reality, thought as well as our heritage.

Dearest Bongiwe your dreams and heart are prosperous safe and happy on earth.

To joy.

The success of faith strength through perseverance.

Love Uncle Nathi.

Gods Poet Nkosi.


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