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Motherhood Moments

Updated on January 1, 2015

Motherhood moments

Being a mother can be challenging especially if it comes earlier than expected.Everybody starts from nursery when it comes to motherhood and learns through the stages of her child's life.This is the period when the bond between a mother a child is being made strong by day. In fact this are the happiest moments a woman can ever experience.


Watching the child grow by day is not funny but quite interesting.It is hard for a normal person not to trust another based on the conduct of the person, but this is not for a child to her mother.

Mother Claudia, a mother of two, watched her first child grow from a baby to a girl and what was interesting in this period was the trust of her baby, Cecil. "Baby Cecil could stand on top of my palm without fear ."She says. At first Claudia thought her bay was so courageous that she can do all that but no she was wrong!

Claudia later as the child grew, came to realise that her baby trusted her so much and that she was sure there was nothing that could happen to her.Children always know there is no mother who can see her child suffer or go through pain while she is alive.Children always believe that mother is always and ever right.

Whatever a mother does in front of her child, whether bad or good, a child will always believe in it as the right thing.Parents should be careful with what they says and so on the presence of their children.They trust that they cannot be misled by their mothers.

The trust a child has for a mother is ever strong and it should never be destroyed.

A good mother should always tell her child that there is somebody that can be trusted even more than her, God.That way, a child will always know that even if mother fails, God will never fail.


Back to Claudia again! The first child in a family may be challenging to care for and this is what happened to Claudia. Every morning she dressed up to go to the office, baby Cecil cried out loud prompting her to find an excuse for her boss which later led to her resignation.This she did for the love of her child, a child she could no bare to see her hurt.

The love of a mother to a child is everlasting.A mother feels happy whenever a child is happy and everything she does, is for the good will of child.Many are the sacrifices mother make for love of their children but this should not be the only thing.Tell your child God loves her more than you do so that any time you beat her she will remember that there is somebody else on her side above you.

Do not over shower your child with love but just make her feel that you are his mother and you love her more than anything in the world all you want is to see her grow morally upright.

Finally, being a mother is not all about the trust and love for the two of you and being called mommy but its about what you train your child to be in life, the outcome of her conduct.

Children are the reflection of mothers.

— Ludiah


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    • Mongare Ludiah profile image

      Ludiah 3 years ago from Kayol, Thies, Senegal

      We all learn to be mothers through our kids in every stage of their lives.