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My Experience: Moving Interstate

Updated on June 13, 2013
Moving Interstate is Not a Roadtrip
Moving Interstate is Not a Roadtrip

I think for those who move a lot, they would understand the pain of organizing stuff for moving. I've moved several times, and you can name the distance, I made them all - including crossing half a world away. This weekend would be my seventh move within three years. And I hope, it would be the place for me to finally settle down.

Anyway, I am about to share my experience moving. A little bit of tips, perhaps, especially to those who try to squeeze their budget as much as possible. I made my biggest move to the states by shipping 7 medium size boxes by sea. It took them around a month and half to arrive, but I only spent about $100 for the total cost. Yes. Only $100. I planned early. I knew that I would be arriving at a certain date, and I estimated the time of arrival. So, planning is very important.

It's always better to have something to be shipped slowly (for items you don't need urgently) because you always need time to settle down. Let those boxes take their own pace. You bring with you the necessary items and that's it. Don't trouble yourself with all the boxes going with you on the plane. And you might only get 40kg max per person for luggage. Be wise. Rather than wasting your money and doing last minute packing, this can save you a lot of pain. Plus, the shipping went directly to my doorstep. I didn't have to go through any hassle at the airport.

Now that I'm moving south, to another state, we did the same thing. My husband and I didn't hire movers to handle our stuff. We ship everything, squeeze everything as much as possible into our boxes. Again, take the cheapest rate: USPS Standard Shipping. We just made a little mistake by judging that they will cost a LOT more if we ship heavy stuff. How wrong we were!

The cost for shipping 15lbs box was $26, meanwhile for 28lbs was merely $28! Rather than sending a medium sized box, you should get as much as you can fit in a bigger box and the price won't go as far as $30. In fact, they only take 5 days. Enough time for you to clean the whole house and buy some furniture before the bulky boxes come in. So my suggestion is, rather than hiring movers, why don't you pack your own stuff and ship by USPS.

Movers will cost you a lot. Several thousands dollars maybe, particularly when you're moving to another state. However, if you're under budget, try shipping your items. Perhaps, opt to donate and sell them too! We sold some of our furniture on craigslist for a very cheap price.

Remember: The more you give, the more you get.

Good luck with your long journey!
Good luck with your long journey!


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