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The Tooth Fairy & Ninja Skills

Updated on February 14, 2012

Bad Fairy

I admit it, once, I forgot to 'call' the Tooth Fairy. How very upsetting it was for my daughter to wake up with her tooth still under her pillow! It was the mother of all mistakes. I made sure to leave a note on my own pillow to 'call' her the next night and made sure she paid double, too!

I learned from this and now I don't go to bed until the fairy pays up. For the kids, this is equivalent to Christmas Eve when little minds are too anxious to sleep and are listening for any sign of magic's presence. I only thought my Mom skills were lacking when I made the ultimate boo boo of forgetting, but I didn't realize how slick this little fairy is supposed to be to get this job done. Momma needs ninja skills!

I may not have the skills, but my kids are ninjas!
I may not have the skills, but my kids are ninjas! | Source

A Night on the Job

It was a quarter to eight on a school night. Dealing with a backache all day, I went to take some pain reliever while the kids were brushing their teeth and getting ready to be tucked in. I had just swallowed two Advil PMs when my daughter came running in to tell us that her tooth came out. Did you catch that? Yes, Advil PM! As in, momma's ready to go to deaux deaux (Cajun for night night) real soon. I gave myself an hour tops! No problem. Tuck the kids in at 8:00, they'll be out in no time. Normally - But not tonight.

Oh no. You would think it would be my daughter who had just lost her tooth that would be too anxious to sleep, but you'd be wrong. Her little brother, who recently only lost his very first tooth, was also anxious for the visit from the fairy. I think it was his plan to either catch the Fairy or get to the money before his big sister woke up. I'm going with the latter. (I promise I do teach them better, but brothers and sisters are relentless) Anyway, First thing I have to do is get them both to sleep.

I went through 20 minutes of arguing with him as to WHY he could not sleep in the hallway. (you see what he's trying do to here, right?) Yes, he wanted to camp out with his pillow and blanket in the hallway in front of his sister's room. He wanted water, needed to use the bathroom, every excuse to stay awake for just a little while longer. Boy I'm glad I talked him back into his bed. I listened to him whine for a while, then talk to himself, and sing a little bit, until it eventually got quiet and stayed that way.

I had tip-toed halfway down the hallway when I realized that I didn't bring the money with me. I started to turn around and the floor creaked. Our dogs went to barking and the kids went to calling me. "Mommy!". It's probably a good thing that I wasn't carrying the dollars in my hand or I would have been busted. *A mental note was made to put the money in my pocket until the switch would be made. (and let the dogs outside) After consoling the kids, I resumed my position in front of the T.V. It was now 9:00 p.m. and my eyes were getting heavy. So I did what every other Mom who can't sleep does..... I got on Facebook.

I tried my second attempt at around 9:45. Dogs outside? CHECK. Money? In my pocket? Um, pajama pants don't have pockets. Changed my pants? CHECK. I also chose some nice, thick, comfy socks to slide across floor. HA! Muffled my footsteps. CHECK.

I make my way into the room thankful that the door doesn't squeak and guess what? Sliding across my nine year old's bedroom floor is NOT going to happen. It was like her toy box threw up. Trying to tip toe around all the toys is like stepping through a mine field. I learned a long time ago that the simplest touch can set one of these toys off into musical frenzy that will wake the entire the neighborhood so I MUST be very very careful. I am no ballerina but I was doing pretty good. That is, until my toes came down on a microscopic stiletto heel that could only belong to Mrs. Barbie herself. Just so you know, this pain is equivalent to stepping onto a Hot Wheels or Jacks! (Been there? Done that?)

With tears in my eyes, I still managed to make it to the bed. I reached, ever so carefully, under her pillow and then I reached some more. I can't find the tooth! I have to lift her head to get to it. I had made it this far and was determined. I had almost had it when out of nowhere, the cat decides to jump onto my daughters chest and make biscuits. It must have snuck in when I let the dogs out. My daughter lifts her head and looks at me with strange eyes and I quickly grab the cat and tell her I that Fairies hate cats so I have to put it outside. She's half asleep and buys that.

I put the cat outside and get back on the internet. I went Hub Hoppin' for a while and by 10:15 was falling asleep at my computer. I had to do this and get it over with. I went back to Ninja Mode and put on a determined face. Swiftly and Gracefully I would complete this mission. I went through all the steps before, a little sliding, a little tip toeing (and almost falling) Here we go!

I did it! In one swift movement I had the tooth out and the money in. I was so excited that I did a little happy dance as I balanced through the mine field of Barbie Shoes and Lincoln Logs when all of a sudden my comfy socks hit a soft patch of floor (or I'd like to think it was Barbie's revenge for me smashing her shoes) and my feet came out from under me and my butt hit the floor. HARD. I froze and bit my lips to not cry out in pain when my daughter lifted her head, smiles a sleepy smile and said, "Mommy, What does the Tooth Fairy DO with all those teeth?" I let out my breath and ran through my imagination for something to give her when I noticed that she was sound asleep again. I smiled. Yeah, it was worth it.

Then, I crawled to my bed. I thanked God for my family and fell asleep before I said amen.

Daughter's Letter To Tooth Fairy

Erin wrote this at 6 years old.  Her tooth fell in the sink.  It says, "Dear Tooth Fairy, I made an accident (axdint) and dropped my tooth in the sink.  Tomorrow you can try to find it.
Erin wrote this at 6 years old. Her tooth fell in the sink. It says, "Dear Tooth Fairy, I made an accident (axdint) and dropped my tooth in the sink. Tomorrow you can try to find it. | Source

Am I Wrong?

Though people will debate the decision to 'lie' (let's face it - we lie) to our kids about Fairies, Flying Fat Men and Large Bunnies that lay eggs, I can't stand to take the magic away from them. I believed. I wasn't permanently scarred because of it. It was magic and it was fun while it lasted. I think my parents loved me a lot to give me that. Now I get to be a part of that magic. I get to make it for my kids and it's awesome.

Does Your Family Have a Tooth Fairy?

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    • PDXKaraokeGuy profile image

      Justin W Price 5 years ago from Juneau, Alaska

      it's amazing the tooth fairy was ever able to pay me without waking me up. I'm such a light sleeper...

    • tammyswallow profile image

      Tammy 5 years ago from North Carolina

      Adorable and very well written. Bravo!!

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